BeautyPro's Fave Festive Films

Sometimes picking what festive film to watch is a tough choice as there’s almost TOO Many to chose from! But we have you covered.

The team have put together the ultimate Festive Film recommendations that may help you in picking your lockdown movie marathon. So, grab a hot chocolate, a fur blanket and some snacks... It is film time!

1: Love Actually

Love is certainly all around in this classic. It will either be a cringe watch or a heart warmer, depending who you ask, but none the less, will leave you feeling ready for Christmas. It will pull on the heart strings but there will be happy tears and laughter too, we promise!

With a great amount of british humour, you will be cracking up at ‘Natalie’s’ one liners.

Plus, this iconic scene is one to remember.

If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing? Make it next on your list.


2: The Grinch

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Your Festive Film list wouldn’t be complete without this Christmas Grump, Dr Seuss is a genius after all.

Which ever version you decide to watch, it will be added to your top faves.The latest 2018 version, where Benedict Cumberbatch plays the Grinch will exceed expectations with amazing animation. However if you love a classic, old school Jim Carrey, then the option is there too... Spoilt for choice!

Now, the grinch may be against Christmas and trying to ruin the big day, but you will still be in the festive spirit after this watch.

3: Home Alone

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If you are in the mood for some laughter and adventure then the classic Home Alone is the perfect choice for you. It is an easy watch full of festive fun and lots of mischief.

And... who hasn’t seen it? If you haven’t we aren’t here to judge but make it a top priority on your film list because once you watch it you’ll fall in love and wish you had an adventure like Kevin as a kid!

4: The Holiday

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Romance, a little countryside cottage and Jude law... What’s not to love?!

This super cosy film stars Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz as they home swap for the holidays! One in England and one in the US... But they might just find a reason to not want to come home.

This is a must for any romance movie lovers out there. But of course, when Jack Black is involved it will have you laughing too.


5: Elf

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You haven’t had a festive film marathon if you didn’t include ELF!

This iconic classic featuring will ferrel will leave you crying with laughter, but also happy tears as buddy the Elf embarks on a hourney into the real world to find his biological dad.

Quickly trying to adapt to his new family, Buddy soon falls head over heels for a lovely lady. But the journey isn’t smooth. The kids will love this, so will the adults.

You’ll never have a festive marathon without including this film again.

6: Die Hard

Not your Stereotypical festive film, however you’ll fall in love with Bruce Willis’s character. As a NYPD Officer he finds himself having to be the hero of Christmas and save his estranged wife at a Christmas party, from german terrorists.

Yes, we told you it is a little different but if you love action, and Christmas, this will be the perfect watch for you.

7: The Snowman

This lovely short film is a must watch around the festive season. It is a tear jerker and a real warming animation that will make you appreciate the ones you love this Christmas.

It is as simple as that, take 25 minutes out of your day or evening and watch this festive classic.

8: The Polar Express


The Polar Express really is a magical Christmas film. It is great for the kids but also great for us adults.

It’s fun, quirky, adventurous and will leave you feeling super cosy and dreaming of riding around the north pole. It’s every child’s dream right?

We hope this festive film guide brings you some ideas for a lockdown movie marathon and is something to help you get into the Christmas spirit.

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