Just how beneficial is Charcoal to the skin?

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We know you’ve definitely heard of Activated Charcoal and have seen the rise in skincare products that are using this ingredient, but do you know why?

Today we are going to be talking all things Charcoal and highlighting the top benefits of using skincare containing this special ingredient.

Charcoal wasn’t just a craze, it has been around for years, dating all the way back to Egyptian times. They often used Charcoal as a deodorising product.

A selection of our BARBER PRO sheet masks contain this highly beneficial product and will work in a number of ways for your skin.


1) Exfoliates and cleanses

Activated Charcoal is slightly gritty, so it is perfect to gently exfoliate your skin.

This means that any dead skin cells will be reduced when using a charcoal product, which naturally will increase the skins hydration too. Whilst exfoliating your skin, this ingredient also gets deep into your pores, cleansing it of any impurities and getting rid of any dirt that has built up.

As we all know, cleansing is a VITAL step in your daily skincare routine, so by including a charcoal product into this, it will be the best ingredient to consider for your cleansing step.

Pick our Face Putty or Foaming Cleansing Mask to use for a cleanser step.


2) Perfect for acne sufferers

If you do suffer from Acne, we know how hard it is to search for products that won’t irritate and will be effective.

Now, activated charcoal is the ingredient your skin will LOVE! It is an antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredient, working into your pores to stop bacteria from growing and to stop the pores from getting clogged. This will reduce acne breakouts and increase the healing process from acne.

It’s also been known to work extremely well on psoriasis and eczema too!

3) Great for Oily Skin Types

Perfect for absorbing, Activated Charcoal will reduce your skin from producing oils. Using this regularly within your skincare regimen, you will see a vast difference in time. Over time your pores will become smaller, resulting in oil from no longer producing.

All of our Activated Charcoal BARBER PRO sheet masks will stop your pores from having to work hard to produce oil, resulting in oily skin to be reduced and oil to be rebalanced.

4) Keeping up with smooth appearances

With all of it’s benefits combined, such as, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, exfoliating and so on, this gives your skin the ultimate new lease of life! These benefits will leave your appearance smoother.

This is why our BARBER PRO under eye masks are a top selling product. These under eye masks will provide your under eye with all of these benefits, which will result in smoothing, and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This then de puffs the eye area and brightens, leaving them completely revitalised.

Whilst hydrating, these work the volcanic ash and marine collagen ingredients to nourish and reduce your tired, swollen eyes.

We bet you’re now searching for all of the best skincare products that contain this special ingredient, are we right?

We know, Activated Charcoal is an amazing ingredient! You can get all of the benefits from this ingredient with our Charcoal range at BARBER PRO. Perfect for him, for her, and for anyone, these masks will become a vital part of your weekly skincare routine, trust us!


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