natura Clean Beauty Superfood Masks Workshop at Wolf & Badger London

natura superfood mask workshop at Wolf&Badger

We’re really excited to have hosted a natura Clean Beauty Superfoods Masks Workshop at Wolf & Badger on Sunday 20th October from 3pm-6pm.

Our Business Development Manager Jane was on hand to offer 1 to 1 skincare consultations and recommendations, also advice on applying our fabulous range of natura Clean Beauty Superfood masks.

There was an offer of 3 masks for the price of 2 (cheapest one free) on the day. Plus everyone who attended were in with the chance to win our new natura for face and eyes box set which comprising of 1 x Turmeric Mask, 1 x Avocado Mask and 1 pair of Potato and Parsley undereye Masks. All they had to do was turn up and sign up. 

There were no entry costs to this unique event so everyone had the opportunity to learn more about our natura range which are Vegan Society registered and free from all parabens and silicones.

Thank you Wolf and Badger for having us and thank you to everyone who said hello! It was a lovely day in a fantastic location. We're hoping to be back there soon!

natura at Wolf and Badger, London October 2019 from Hayley Creasey on Vimeo.



Who are Wolf&Badger?

Wolf & Badger sell the world’s best independent fashion, jewelry, accessory, homeware and beauty brands including our natura range.

They were founds in 2010 by two brothers, Henry & George Graham and are now proud to host over 600 of the world’s best up and coming brands. Their unique philosophy has lead to fantastic relationships with independent designers, artisans and brands who have been carefully selected from all over the world.

Their mission is to help promote and empower those select few who conform to their ethically and environmentally conscious community. Click on the link below to visit their website.

wolf and badger london


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