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Step into September with fresh, clear looking skin. The start of a new month is the perfect time to kick start a new skincare regime. 

Every skincare regime should start with a clean canvas, and we have the perfect product which will allow you to quickly and effectively clear skin and allow you to start a fresh. 

Remove dirt & impurities 

Our DETOXIFYING bubbling mask with Activated Charcoal works to cleanse deep into the skin to remove dirt and impurities. 

Simply apply the mask to your face and within 10 minutes the activated ingredients will react with the oxygen and hundreds of bubbles will begin to appear on the mask. These bubbles will also start forming under the mask, which will penetrate deep into pores to clear and cleanse them. 

After 10 minutes, simply peel away the mask and wash away the excess bubbles which remain on the face.  

Pat your face dry and you'll be left with a clear and fresh blank canvas. Now you can begin the rest of your skin care regime. Whether that's using your favourite moisturiser/toner or even self tan product. You'll have the perfect blank canvas to work from. 

Why not multi-mask and continue your skincare regime with one of our collagen infused masks, discover the full range online here


Let us know how you get on with our DETOXIFYING mask and tag your selfies with #BeautyProBubbles 

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