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This month we're talking about Plant Science'.
Discover how incredible plant-based ingredients are for your skin, and learn more about our Plant Based Range of sheet masks.

Did you know, our entire Plant Based Range is created from plant derived ingredients that are water free, registered by The Vegan Society and are packed full of nutritious superfoods that treat your skin.

Each mask is made from a bamboo composite, which allows the sheet to biodegrade at a quicker rate compared to traditional materials.

Not only are the masks good for you, but good for the planet too.

Keep reading to find out more... 🌿


Brighter Complexion

If you are looking to get healthier and brighter skin, try our Turmeric or Pumpkin masks.

This Turmeric, superfood mask will energise and encourage cell renewal. The Pumpkin one will soften, and provide an anti-aging treatment.


Hydrate The Skin

If your skin is in need of hydrating, then try our Avocado or Coconut masks.

The Natural oils of the Avocado mask will leave the skin feeling softer and smoother. The Coconut mask boasts antibacterial properties that will leave the skin dewy and glowing.

Calm and Soothe

If your skin is a little stressed right now or needs calming, try our Rose or Herb masks.

The Rose will calm, hydrate and cleanse all at the same time, plus it smells divine! The Herb mask is jam packed with antioxidants which will help with blemishes and rebalance.

They sound incredible right? We promise they will not disappoint.

Shop the range today.


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