Why Knowing Your Skin Type Is Crucial...

Knowing your skin type is the first crucial step towards creating an effective and beneficial skincare routine. Everyone’s skin is different but we have identified 5 key categories.

We have put together a skin type guide to help you to discover which of our sheet masks is perfect for you, and your weekly skincare routine.

We have also helped you by recommending the perfect Sheet Mask from our range to start incorporating into your weekly routine, depending on the category your skin falls into.

Sensitive Skin:
- Reacts badly to products
- May have visible redness
- May be itchy

Try our
Rose Infused Sheet Mask for minimizing redness.


Oily Skin:
- Pores are enlarged
- Prone to blackheads and acne

Try our
Black Peel Activated Charcoal Mask for minimising pores.


Normal Skin:
- Dewy Appearance
- No major skin issues

Try our
Avocado Infused Sheet Mask for a nourishing treatment.


Dry Skin:
- Feels tight in the morning
- May be rough and flaky
- Dull appearance

Try our Nourishing Collagen Sheet Mask to combat dull skin.


Combination Skin:
- Usually dry cheeks but oily t-zones
- Enlarged pores, usually on the nose

Try our Rejuvenating Mask to target dry areas and rebalance oily t-zones.


We hope to have given you a little more insight with this guide and that it can be of great help to you when identifying your skin type. Plus, you now know which BeautyPro mask to add to your routine!

Drop us a comment or message on our socials and we will be more than happy to help you with any skin concerns or questions you may have.

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