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BeautyPro Trees

At BeautyPro we care about sustainability and are always looking at ways to do our bit.

We partnered with Ecologi and in total we have plant 2441 trees! This is a total of 95.62T of carbon reduction.


BeautyPro Ltd's impact

95.62 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following:

73 Long Haul Flights
287 metres2 of sea ice saved
237, 233 miles driven in a car

Through partnering with Ecologi and planting this many trees, we have been able to support the following projects.

  • Preserving the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Guatemala - Protecting precious ecosystems in the Caribbean coast region of Guatemala.



  • Providing clean energy through hydropower in Kanungu, Uganda - Supporting economic and poverty reduction through hydropower


Here’s the Badges that we have so far collected. We are so excited to be doing our bit and we are constantly revising this and looking at ways to increase our impact.

You can now help out too! For every purchase, we will plant another tree. Just check out on our website and we will do the rest. Because every little helps, and our environment needs it.

BeautyPro Bees

In a bid to reverse the decline of the honey bee in England and to improve environmental biodiversity, we’ve registered as a contributor to bees for business and we have adopted 400,000 honey bees!

Bees for business have committed to installing 250 new beehives over the next 5 years. They have also partnered with land owners, to sow 250 acres of organic, bee-friendly flower seeds on unused land, enhancing the environment visually whilst improving biodiversity and providing vital food sources for pollinators.

The number of honeybee hives in the UK has declined by 73%, falling from 1 million hives in 1900 to just 270,000 in 2015.

Bees&co have an amazing story and provide beekeeping workshops and experiences too, as well as being able to adopt the hives. Read more about them here:

We are so ecstatic to be a part of this.


No Plastic Please...

We are proud that all BeautyPro sheet masks are plastic free. The masks will degrade in 75 days.

As well as our masks, our gift boxes, as well as our packaging materials are made with FSC approved materials.

Animals Are For Loving...

We are so proud at BeautyPro, to be a cruelty-free company recognised by PETA. 

Our Plant Based Range is also registered by the Vegan Society.


Doing Water we can...

Our vegan, Plant Based Range of sheet masks are 100% Water Free. 

We aim to make all of our masks water free in the next 12 months too.


To find out more about how we are doing out bit at BeautyPro, visit our sustainability page:


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