• Maskne: What it is and how to prevent it

    Maskne: What it is and how to prevent it

    Maskne is mask-induced acne, where pimples, blackheads and irritation on the lower face are caused by friction, increased moisture, heat and college pores. We all know how important it is to wear a mask to help to stop the spread, so here's some tips to help you battle the breakouts and improve your overall skin health!
  • Understanding and Caring for your Skin Type | Shop by Skin Type

    Understanding and Caring for your Skin Type

    Understanding your skin type is a key step in being able to choose the right skincare products. Different skin needs different amounts of attention, even down to how often you should wash your face! Once you know your skin type, it’s much easier to be able to improve your skin health and care for it in the right way.
  • Bubbling Sheet Masks: What can they do for you?

    Bubbling Sheet Masks: What can they do for you?

    A little bit of fun, but also packed with benefits find out more today about bubbling sheet masks and the BeautyPro bubble mask you need to try!Bubbling sheet masks are amazing for your skin, they remove dirt and are extremely satisfying to watch bubble up as you use it. These masks foam or form bubbles due to a special oxygenation process. This process helps cell...
  • Our Spring Skincare Tips

    Our Spring Skincare Tips

    As the sun starts to appear and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to think about transitioning your skincare to suit your spring routine. Here’s some tips from us on how to spring clean your skincare and get blooming great skin. Tip 1) Clean your skincare drawer Start with your space, and give that a spring clean. This will allow you to ensure...
  • How to Practice Mindfulness

    How to Practice Mindfulness

    Looking after our mental wellbeing is extremely important and. what if there’s something super simple that could positively impact your mental wellbeing? Keep reading and we will tell you all about that thing called mindfulness! What is mindfulness?Mindfulness is all about awareness, spending moments to be very aware of your thoughts and feelings. This teaches you to accept how you are feeling, your thoughts and let...
  • Rescue tired eyes with our Eye Therapy Mask

    Rescue tired eyes with our Eye Therapy Mask

    LOVED by the Bridgerton cast members and talked about by Lynda Pearce MUA in glamour Mag... Today we are chatting all things BeautyPro Eye Therapy! A best seller over the last decade, Eye Therapy has been a favourite with you all and there’s just so many reasons why we think you love this product so much. We are going to be talking through its...
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