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Beauty Devices

Level up your skincare with beauty devices! These handheld, travel friendly tools help you to increase the effectiveness of your skincare routines and achieve your skincare goals. Pair them with your favourite sheet masks and serums for glowing skin!

Beauty Devices

PHOTON LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

This lightweight mask uses 5 LED light therapy colours to kickstart anti-ageing, target acne, brighten the skin and refine the pores by using 432 LEDs to provide high density, high intensity skincare energy.

LED WAND 5 in 1 Light Therapy

This rechargeable skin device uses Red LED Light Therapy, Blue LED Light Therapy, EMS Microcurrent, Thermotherapy and High Frequency Sonic Vibration to help you to achieve your skincare goals.

HYDRATEST Skin Analysis Device

This innovative, pocket sized device measures the skin’s hydration and oil levels, helping you to maximise the impact of your skincare routine. It tells you what your skin needs, right from the source.

T BAR Vibrating Anti-Ageing Device

This hand held skincare device creates 6,000 pulsations per minute to stimulate the cells to boost oxygen, circulation and collagen production - resulting in firmer, more youthful looking skin.