• Doing Our Bit: Sustainability

    Doing Our Bit: Sustainability

    BeautyPro Trees At BeautyPro we care about sustainability and are always looking for ways to do our bit. Alongside all other other commitments we are proud to partner with Ecologi to create a climate positive workforce and help to support our planet. In total, so far we have planted 3,894 trees! This is a total of 105.34T of carbon reduction. BeautyPro Ltd's impact 105.34...
  • Top Tips: Working From Home

    Top Tips: Working From Home

      Whilst the brighter days are coming and we will be able to reunite with loved ones soon, our home office’s may still be occupied for a little longer. So whilst we all wait fore all wait for June 21st, let us tell you our top tips for a healthy balance whilst WFH.   1) Set a routine and schedule If you don’t try...
  • Just how beneficial is Charcoal to the skin?

    Just how beneficial is Charcoal to the skin?

    We know you’ve definitely heard of Activated Charcoal and have seen the rise in skincare products that are using this ingredient, but do you know why? Today we are going to be talking all things Charcoal and highlighting the top benefits of using skincare containing this special ingredient. Charcoal wasn’t just a craze, it has been around for years, dating all the way back...
  • How to spend Valentine's Day in lockdown

    How to spend Valentine's Day in lockdown

    Valentine’s Day has been around since Roman times and although it is going to look a little different this year, we can make the most out of celebrating from the safety of our own homes. Now, usually we would have a reservation in a favourite restaurant, or be going on a cinema trip, but with things being slightly different this year, we expect takeaways...
  • How to have the ultimate Galentine’s at home

    How to have the ultimate Galentine’s at home

    The month of February has always been about love... This also includes Self love! Making time for ourselves is something that is super important and we may not be able to jet off to a beautiful destination just yet, but we can make the most out of our time spent at home. Originating from a beloved fiction, Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the 13th...
  • Plant Science: Veganuary🌿

    Plant Science: Veganuary🌿

    This month we're talking about Plant Science'. Discover how incredible plant-based ingredients are for your skin, and learn more about our Plant Based Range of sheet masks.Did you know, our entire Plant Based Range is created from plant derived ingredients that are water free, registered by The Vegan Society and are packed full of nutritious superfoods that treat your skin.Each mask is made from...
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