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Understanding and Caring for your Skin Type | Shop by Skin Type

Understanding and Caring for your Skin Type | Shop by Skin Type

Understanding your skin type is a key step in being able to choose the right skincare products. Different skin needs different amounts of attention, even down to how often you should wash your face! Once you know your skin type, it’s much easier to be able to improve your skin health and care for it in the right way.
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Bubbling Sheet Masks: What can they do for you?

Bubbling Sheet Masks: What can they do for you?

A little bit of fun, but also packed with benefits find out more today about bubbling sheet masks and the BeautyPro bubble mask you need to try!

Bubbling sheet masks are amazing for your skin, they remove dirt and are extremely satisfying to watch bubble up as you use it. These masks foam or form bubbles due to a special oxygenation process. This process helps cell renewal, which is why you get instant results with these masks. There’s so many more benefits too! The bubbling process also means that goodness from the mask will be absorbed deep into the pores, exfoliates and improves circulation from the massaging sensation.

Our Detoxifying mask is the Bubbling sheet mask from our core range. This is best known as a cleansing mask and will provide your skin with a deep cleanse during use.

What Are The Benefits Of the Detoxifying Bubbling Cleansing Sheet Mask?


  • Deep pore and blackhead cleansing
  • Boosting skin firmness
  • Improving skin clarity, tone and elasticity
  • Suitable for acne prone skin

Our BeautyPro Detoxifying mask is self foaming and bubbling with intense deep pore cleansing.

This Detoxifying mask contains Activated Charcoal that will target blackheads and reduce oil. PETA Approved and utilising Activated Charcoal, rich AHA complex created from Lime, Lemon, Apple, Orange, and Grapefruit, this mask acts as a cleanser.

How to use:

  1. Massage the pouch to activate the ingredients. (This is a VITAL step to get increase bubbling)
  2. Remove the mask from packaging.
  3. Carefully unfold the mask and place it over the face using the eye holes and mouth hole as a guide.
  4. Wear for 10 minutes, allowing the mask to fully foam.
  5. Remove the mask and rinse off with warm water.
  6. Follow with a BeautyPro treatment sheet mask.

Here are just a few reviews and why you should try it today, you won’t regret it and your skin will LOVE it!

Reviews from our website:

“Lovely, pleasent, will buy again!!

I’m not usually a fan of sheet masks because they are messy & slimey, if I get one in my subscription box I put it away & it sits in my cupboard for ages, well I was intrigued to try the bubble face mask & im glad I did. It was a good fit for my face, sometimes they are too big but this one was perfect! I absolutely loved the foaming sensation on my face it felt really nice. There was no strong scent, overall a very pleasant experience & I’ll definitely buy this particular mask again! My face feels super soft, it’s definitely done it’s job. My face feels squeaky clean & fresh. 5 Stars from me.“

I received one of these bubble sheet masks in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes it’s easy to apply following instructions on how to do it. I left it on a little longer than what is said on instructions as I was enjoying the bubble feeling! You can hear and feel the bubbles foaming and it tickles your face but that’s how you know it’s working! After time was up I took all the bubbles off with my fingers and then peeled off the mask then rubbing the bubbles into my face and then wash with warm water. My face feels so soft and fresh I will definitely be recommending to friends and family xx“

This really us a fantastic mask. Feels really comfy on and the foam gently massages the skin. Really is worth buying. Thanks for the glow. X“



Pick it up for yourself today and see why it's so great. 



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Our Spring Skincare Tips

Our Spring Skincare Tips

As the sun starts to appear and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to think about transitioning your skincare to suit your spring routine.

Here’s some tips from us on how to spring clean your skincare and get blooming great skin.

Tip 1) Clean your skincare drawer

Start with your space, and give that a spring clean. This will allow you to ensure you are throwing away products that are past their shelf life and have been unopened a little longer than they should have.

It''s always one of those jobs that you hate, however once you get started, it'll feel like the deep clean you really needed.

Tip 2) Cleanse


The weather is bright, the sky is clear and your skin should be too. ✨

Cleansing daily is so important in your skincare routine and especially in Springtime when you're potentially going to be sweating more, allergies can get worsened, resulting in pores becoming more clogged. Plus washing your face is essential to get rid of any oils and dirt built up from the day, which will be increased as you'll be venturing outside some more over spring, compared to winter.

Pick up our Pink Clay and Black Peel masks for the ultimate skin cleansing treatments.

Tip 3) Treat more than just your face


Get ready to step outside the front door with our Hand & Foot masks. 👋🏼

As you get ready to take the flip-flops out of hiding and venture on your socially distanced picnics, our Foot & Callus peel will be your saviour.

Made up of fruit and botanical extracts, this peeling foot mask will smooth your feed from heel to toe and dead skin will peel gradually after 7 days of use. You can never be too prepared!

Foot & Callus Peel Benefits:

  • Innovative dual layered bootie
  • Ready to use
  • Removes dead skin after 7 days

Our hands are also suffering recently from regular washing, but our Hand Therapy mask will nourish, hydrate, getting them ready to venture away from the home office desk.

Hand Therapy Benefits/Features:
  • Deeply nourishing treatment for the hands
  • Removable glove tips
  • Fine to use with Gel polish and Extensions

Tip 4) Try something blooming great

Bring some florals into your routine for spring.

Packed with hand-picked rose from Bulgaria, this Rose mask contains powerful botanical extracts that will cleanse the skin of impurities and minimise redness. The healing benefits will prevent blemishes and soothe.

Rose Sheet Mask Benefits:

  • Soothes irritation
  • Anti-inflammatory formula
  • Minimises redness

With great results in just 15 minutes: Skin is left soothed, with a deep cleanse of impurities, resulting in redness being minimised, problematic areas being targeted whilst keeping hydrated.

Shop our Rose Sheet Mask today, as part of your Spring Skin essentials.



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How to Practice Mindfulness

How to Practice Mindfulness

Looking after our mental wellbeing is extremely important and. what if there’s something super simple that could positively impact your mental wellbeing? Keep reading and we will tell you all about that thing called mindfulness!

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about awareness, spending moments to be very aware of your thoughts and feelings. This teaches you to accept how you are feeling, your thoughts and let those feelings come and go as they wish without having a negative mindset towards these feelings.

You will essentially become so much more aware of your own inner feelings when you practice mindfulness, which can really impact your positive thoughts, motivate you to recognise those little things in life that may cause you anxiety, get in your way and so on.

There isn’t a clear end goal, however this will eventually allow you to start practicing this daily, by seeing the world differently, responding to certain situations in a different way and understanding your thoughts better.

What other things can it do for me?

  • Lowers stress
  • Anxiety reduced
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves concentration
  • Allows us to become more self aware

How do I start practicing it every day?

Look for Apps to help!

The Mindfulness App is free with optional in app purchases, this is a great way to start practicing mindfulness if you are a beginner. They also have exercises for individuals who are also more experienced in mindfulness and meditation.

The app gives you a get started 5 day guided introduction to mindfulness and allows you to pick silent or guided meditations depending on which you prefer and your lifestyle type.

You then have the choice of over 250 meditations from experts all within the app. The features also allow you to set reminders so that you never miss it.

Find out more about The Mindfulness App here: https://themindfulnessapp.com/

Did you know, you can now benefit from practicing mindfulness on Netflix? Yes that’s right! You can now find ‘Mindspace Guided meditation’ on Netflix... What excuse do you have now not to do it! Perfect for beginners, these are great for building practice or learning more about the science behind mindfulness.

They describe it as a must watch for your mind, so now you can put your Netflix binge skills into mindfulness practice every day.

you’ve probably heard of headspace before and that is because they also have an app. Again, free from the app store, these exercises incorporate both ‘insight’ and ‘calming’ meditation. The insight elements is where you will learn about your thoughts, mindfulness and your awareness of what is happening, whilst the calming element will cultivate clarity by focusing on an object to calm. Overall you will learn to be aware and also compassionate to yourself.

Find out more about headspace here:

Start focusing on your breath:

Breathing deep and slow is a good way to begin practicing mindfulness. Ensure you’re breathing strong enough that your stomach is moving up and down as you breath. You really want to be very aware of what is happening, focusing on the movement and your breath. Any thoughts that creep in whilst you are doing this is absolutely fine, you want to be aware of those and acknowledge these certain thoughts and where your mind drifts off to.

When your mind takes a wander, when you have noticed, you want to focus back to your breathing. Start practicing that it takes time, if it is difficult that is absolutely fine! Just recognise this and then let it go.

Be present:

Most often when we have conversations with people we tend to listen, but not fully be present and often become distracted. When we can be surrounded by loved ones again, or when you are with a partner, make sure you really feel present right there. When having conversations, really engage and start to notice everything properly. Take in their hair colour, their features, how they make you feel when you speak to them.

Make time for things you love:
Be present and focus on your hobbies and everything you love in your daily life, whether that is cooking, baking, painting, getting outside. Make sure you do it!

With the help of our few tips and these apps, you will be well on your way in becoming mindful, practicing mindfulness and allowing yourself to be more present in your every day life.

Enjoy beauties!



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Rescue tired eyes with our Eye Therapy Mask

Rescue tired eyes with our Eye Therapy Mask

LOVED by the Bridgerton cast members and talked about by Lynda Pearce MUA in glamour Mag... Today we are chatting all things BeautyPro Eye Therapy!

A best seller over the last decade, Eye Therapy has been a favourite with you all and there’s just so many reasons why we think you love this product so much. We are going to be talking through its benefits, the ingredients and why you NEED our eye mask in your skincare drawer.

Did you know your eye area is one of the first areas to age? ( we know, scary!) We’re going to talk about why you need to take extra care of your eye area.

Your skin is very different around your eyes compared to the rest of your face. Your skin on your under eyes are actually the thinnest areas of your entire face, meaning it can also become more sensitive to certain products as it is rather delicate.

As we briefly touched on above, your eye areas are the first to show signs of aging. Because of squinting and facial expressions, we tend to move this area more, causing ageing, lines and wrinkles.

Unlike any eye cream you could use, these don’t tend to reduce dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, HOWEVER... You can get all of those benefits with our under eye mask!

First let’s talk ingredients.

These eye masks are packed full and enriched with anti-ageing collagen, combined with Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E. The patches themselves are Hydrogel patches , meaning they are no slip, because who want’s eye patches that end up down your cheeks!

With the main ingredient being collagen, this is what makes them anti-aging. Collagen production often slows down the older we get so being able to use products that contain collagen now will make up for that in the long run. This is what works to keep your skin firm.

Now to the Benefits.

So now you want to know what it can do for you? Well! They may be small but they are mighty. Combined with key vitamins, herbs and botanicals, this under eye treatment will improve elasticity and tone, leaving you and your under eyes feeling deeply relaxed in just 20 minutes.

Benefit overview:

  • Cooling and Soothing for the Under Eyes
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness

Did you know, our Eye Therapy mask’s are also certified by PETA? That’s right, didn’t think they could get any better did you?

Using them is so simple too. Use when your eyes need a little pick me up or once a week as part of your skincare routine. Perfect AM or PM.


How to use:

  1. Cleanse the skin with water.
  2. Remove patches from the packaging.
  3. Place under eyes, with thinner part of the patch in the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Relax for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove patches.

So, now you know why the Bridgerton cast LOVED them!

Shop Daphne Bridgerton's favourite eye mask here.



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Doing Our Bit: Sustainability

Doing Our Bit: Sustainability

At BeautyPro we care about sustainability and are always looking for ways to do our bit.

Alongside all other other commitments we are proud to partner with Ecologi to create a climate positive workforce and help to support our planet. In total, so far we have planted 3,894 trees! This is a total of 105.34T of carbon reduction.

BeautyPro Ltd's impact

105.34 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following:

81 Long Haul Flights
287 metres2 of sea ice saved
237, 233 miles driven in a car

Through partnering with Ecologi and planting these trees, we have been able to support the following projects:

These projects include Magrove planting in Madagascar, Reforesting in Changalane, Mozambique and Planting responsibly in Bosawas, Nicaragua.

Some other projects we have helped to support recently include Geothermal power production in West Java, Indonesia where our contribution has removed 4.86T CO2.

Our achievements with Ecologi

You can now help us to plant more trees! Through Ecologi we not only support the planet by offsetting our carbon footprint but we also plant 1 tree for every order placed on our website.

It’s so simple, just check out on our website and we will do the rest. Because every little helps, and our environment needs it... Plus looking after our planet is cool!


Here are some more of our sustainability commitments:

BeautyPro Bees

In a bid to reverse the decline of the honey bee in England and to improve environmental biodiversity, we’ve registered as a contributor to bees for business and we have adopted 400,000 honey bees!

Bees for business have committed to installing 250 new beehives over the next 5 years. They have also partnered with land owners, to sow 250 acres of organic, bee-friendly flower seeds on unused land, enhancing the environment visually whilst improving biodiversity and providing vital food sources for pollinators.

The number of honeybee hives in the UK has declined by 73%, falling from 1 million hives in 1900 to just 270,000 in 2015.

Bees&co have an amazing story and provide beekeeping workshops and experiences too, as well as being able to adopt the hives. Read more about them here: https://bit.ly/3qvMcy2

We are so ecstatic to be a part of this.


No Plastic Please...

We are proud that all BeautyPro sheet masks are plastic free. The masks will degrade in 75 days.

As well as our masks, our gift boxes, as well as our packaging materials are made with FSC approved materials.

Animals Are For Loving...

We are so proud at BeautyPro, to be a cruelty-free company recognised by PETA. 

Our Plant Based Range is also registered by the Vegan Society.


Doing Water we can...

Our vegan, Plant Based Range of sheet masks are 100% Water Free. 

We aim to make all of our masks water free in the next 12 months too.


To find out more about how we are doing out bit at BeautyPro, visit our sustainability page: https://bit.ly/38RRKNh



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Top Tips: Working From Home

Top Tips: Working From Home

Whilst the brighter days are coming and we will be able to reunite with loved ones soon, our home office’s may still be occupied for a little longer. So whilst we all wait fore all wait for June 21st, let us tell you our top tips for a healthy balance whilst WFH.


1) Set a routine and schedule

If you don’t try to stick to a steady routine, you’ll find you won’t be getting in your normal sleeping hours, you may start to feel a little messy and this is when things can become stressful.

Set a routine of bedtime, time to wakeup and then try to split your work day in little segments. Your morning tasks, breaks and afternoon tasks, also be sure to include a daily walk in that schedule too. Getting outside for fresh air is super important. By having this schedule, it will help you stay familiarised with a ‘normal’ office work day.

Sometime’s we don’t really know the barriers when working in our own homes and we can often slip into working past your work hours. But you need to seperate work from home as much as possible and ensure you get up from your desk or table at that dedicated end of day time and close down your laptop or computer and leave it be.

Maybe you could start your evening off by doing a hobby or exercise, this way it is an indicator that you’ve now started your own time activities and tasks, and are no longer in a working mindset. It really is all about creating that barrier between work life and home life whilst it being in the same space.


2) Create a dedicated workspace

We know this isn't always possible, but trying as much as possible to only dedicate one area in your home to working will be extremely beneficial to you. This will be an area or space that will not be used in any other time in your day, other than working. So the sofa may not be the best option for you if that means you will no switch off in your evening.

Set your dining table up with your laptop, or find a corner in a room to put a desk. Having this space will most likely increase productivity during your working hours too as you will feel more settled and in routine.

Keep away from distractions such as the TV, or even the kitchen cupboards if you keep snacking. It’s all about being strict with ourselves to imagine we are in our working office environment with our team. (although sometime’s more snacking occurs there!)

You can also make it your own and add your personality into it. Add some plants, some prints, some fun accessories and brighten that work space to get your creative juices flowing.

3) Stay connected with colleagues

It is so easy to become disconnected with at the moment, but keeping connected with your team really is going to boost your mental wellbeing and theirs!

Working from home really does have benefits, but you may start feeling isolated. Have video calls, instead of all having your camera’s off. Have weekly team wide activity meetings, including quizzes and games. If you struggle to have these options, speaking to your manager or director may be a great way to get them knowledgeable on how a simple weekly activity with the team may help you in a positive way mentally.

Everyone is most likely, feeling the same way you are and asking how they are doing and chatting on teams in-between the day and scheduled meetings is a nice way to keep that office chatter there.

4) Take a break

As we all know, when you’re in the office with your colleagues you will step away from your desk to make a coffee, you’ll have conversations that are not about work and you’ll properly step away at lunch time. However when we are at home, we often let those little breaks in between slip and often don’t step away from our desk for our lunch time.

Ensuring you are strict with yourself to get these breaks in is really important. Everyone needs breaks to refresh and improve productivity so be sure to try and walk and get out at on your lunch, have those tea breaks and make sure you don’t burn yourself out on a day to day basis.

The end is near, but some of us may be in the situation where we will be working from home for the foreseeable, so being able to create these boundaries and routines will be very important for you to be able to enjoy working from home and find a healthy work life balance.


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How to spend Valentine's Day in lockdown

How to spend Valentine's Day in lockdown

Valentine’s Day has been around since Roman times and although it is going to look a little different this year, we can make the most out of celebrating from the safety of our own homes.

Now, usually we would have a reservation in a favourite restaurant, or be going on a cinema trip, but with things being slightly different this year, we expect takeaways and Netflix to be the most popular ideas.

Lot’s of people aren’t fortunate to be living with their partners at the moment... But, whether you are living with your partner, or are having to spend the day virtually, we have put together some of our Valentine’s day date ideas below that are lockdown friendly.

1: Dress Up, Stay Home

Now the very obvious idea is staying at home for a date day, now we know we have all been doing this anyway, however this could be a day where you turn your phones off (unless you need it to Facetime of course!), switch any distracting devices off and focus entirely on one another for the whole day.

Get dressed up, put a suit and tie on, a dress, or jeans a nice top and treat it as if you were going on a ‘proper’ date day.

Start pre heating the oven and invest in cooking a 3 course meal together, okay or maybe one of you take charge, however doing this together is often something that couples rarely get time to do together. We would usually always opt for a restaurant to cook for us, taking the easy route, but there’s something romantic about the idea of cooking together! Now, if you are virtually doing this, do it all the same, just cook for one and both have the same thing, simples. Unless one ends up burning it and the other doesn’t... You may end up eating alone, so much for romantic!

Whilst your dinners cooking you could plan your next getaway together. From city break to beach resort, planning a trip together always leaves room for positivity and excitement, especially in this current time, looking for small positives is extremely important and if this is planning the trips you can take once we are able to, then go for it!

Just simply spending the day together and doing things you love and talking properly can really get you and your partner some real quality time together, which may of us don’t make much time for when we are busy in our every day lives.

2: Play Some Games

We all know hat since last march, virtual quizzes have boomed! Now, let’s think outside the box.

A couples quiz is the right place to start... This puts your knowledge of each other and your relationship to the test, but remember it is only a little bit of fun! 

Plus this is one you can play in person and virtually.

3: It’s Takeaway Time

Okay, maybe you don’t want to spend the evening cooking, we TOTALLY understand, us either! Hello Deliveroo... Order your favourite takeaways and enjoy a meal together. Set the table with a candle, and put your takeaway on a plate, you’d never know the difference.

Ordering from local restaurants and takeaways really helps out your local businesses too, whilst giving you both a tasty valentine’s day treat, what a perfect excuse to go big and get dessert too!

4: Binge TV

Not caught up on Bridgerton yet? Now is your time!

Binge watching TV programmes or movies together is the perfect way to spend a cosy evening or day at home. Take it in turns to choose what to watch and it becomes a little more fun and varied.

Of course, if you are watching virtually, you can use Teleparty (previously Netflix party) and this will allow you both to watch the same thing in sync, from different homes... Could anything better exist?!

5: Quality Pamper Time Together

Relax, have a bubble bath and indulge in some self care together. Because who else has been loving looking after their skin during lockdown?

Our Spa at home set or our It’s All Good BARBER PRO set is perfect to treat yourself to. With sheet masks perfect for the spa night at home, these will leave your skin looking fresh, clean and deeply pampered.

Maybe you want to create a spa night in hamper for you and your partner, including a face mask, or a set is the perfect addition to snacks and cosy socks!

Most of all... Enjoy yourselves!

This year may be very different from your ‘typical’ Valentine’s day, however we all know the importance of spending quality time with loved ones now more than ever, so embrace it all.

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Alcohol and Your Skin - Our Top Tips 🥂

Alcohol and Your Skin - Our Top Tips 🥂

The festive period is the time where we maybe be getting a little jollier than usual, this often comes with an increase in alcohol consumption.

We don’t want to bring bad news but alcohol can affect your skin in many ways. But don’t worry, we are going to be telling you how to reduce the affects to your skin whilst celebrating Christmas.

Drinking can make you dehydrated and this is what the issue is with affecting skin. It removes all of the fluid from your skin. This can cause your skin to wrinkle and as a result, signs of ageing will occur earlier.

1) Pick your drink

Choosing your drink wisely is the first step. Different alcohol has different affects on the skin. Always go for clearer, ‘cleaner’ drinks. For example, Vodka. It is clear and will get our of your system quicker than a fruity, sugary, acidic cocktail.

2) Stay Hydrated

Drinking water alongside alcohol is not a myth, it will help to keep your body hydrated and keep your skin healthier afterwards.

3) Keep it to a minimum

Be wise about how many units you consume in a week. Drink every other day or less to give your body time to recover, including your skin too. As a young adult alcohol will leave your system in or around 3 hours, but if you are 40, the drink will take over a day to leave your body so therefore would still be in your system the following day.

Most importantly have fun! Being mindful is important, but having fun is too. Get merry, whilst maintaining beautiful skin with our tips. Enjoy. 


Why not follow us over on Instagram to keep up with the latest news, products, tips and tricks?


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Our Top Tips: Digital Detox

Our Top Tips: Digital Detox

This time of year often means we spend a lot of the time reflecting. When was the last time you had a break from your phone, social media and the screens?

Technology is something most of us could no longer live without and we have so many great uses for it, like keeping in touch with friends and family. But you can gain so much from turning all of it off, as much as having it on. This is what people now call a digital detox and it had proven to become very popular.

Now, you may want to make this a weekly goal or just a once a month, but ensuring you schedule some time to have a day off screen is very important for many reasons.

We all know what its like to see that dreaded screen time pop up on our phones and remind us of how we spend almost every minute of being awake glued to a device, and how we have now become a little ‘obsessed’ with picking up our phones. Unplugging and taking in things around you will often destress and mentally have a positive impact.

We often spend our time comparing ourselves and our lives to other that we follow online, when infact everything on instagram is a highlight reel. but often it is easy to get into the trap of wondering why you aren’t getting paid to go travelling or to promote a product. Spending less time on social media for a day a week or a day a month will allow you to step away from the highlight reels and focus on the positives in your life and often we can miss out on what is around us as we are so engrossed in our screens.

Let’s look at our top tips on how to digital detox..


1) Set up ‘App Limits’ on your phone settings. If you have an iPhone, you can set a time limit on your apps to the hours you spend on them via your settings, or set a specific time to when you need to step away from certain apps.

2) Set up ‘Downtime’ in your Iphone settings. This will remind you to step away from the screen completely between specific hours in the day. This is a great one if you are trying to reduce your screen time all together rather than focusing on a specific App.

3) Let friends and family know that you will be doing a digital detox day and when, this will allow for them to be able to contact you using a different method or they will not expect an instant response if they do contact you, using your phone.

4) Completely turn your phone off, or for safety reasons, if you need your phone on you and turned on, you may wish to turn all notifications off from your apps and messages. This will mean you will not be tempted just to click on a notification and open an app, as we know how easy it is to be tempted.

5) Airplane mode is a life saver or do not disturb. This means you can still use features on your phone like emergecy calling, but you will not be disturbed otherwise. You can pop out and listen to music still but can benefit from no sound notifications or calls coming through.

6) Enjoy it! Don’t see this time away from your devices as tough love or a negative thing. It really is a positive little thing you can do to free your mind every so often from the online world that we all so easily get pulled in to.


Why not follow us over on Instagram to keep up with new products, competitions and tips and tricks?

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Unique gifting ideas for Christmas

Unique gifting ideas for Christmas

Sometimes we can be a little stuck on some out of the box gifting ideas for Christmas, but don’t worry! We have some ideas below on where and how to gift our sheet masks this season.

Secret Santa Essentials

Wondering what to buy your secret Santa for under £10? Maybe you don’t really know them very well and are finding it difficult to find something ‘suitable’ and not inappropriate. Our sheet mask ranges are perfect. We currently have 3 for 2 across ALL sheet masks too, so what better excuse! 

This year has meant more time has been spent at home, we haven’t been able to visit spas or salons as much as we would have hoped so something that encourages some time out is ideal.

Overwhelmed with choice? Why not pick our Detoxifying and Brightening mask for her as a great 2 step from home facial. Or if you need something perfect for him, then select the BARBER PRO Gentlemens mask and for an added bit of fun, select the BARBER PRO Super Eye Mask!

They are out of the ordinary for secret Santa, provide someone with some self care and are an all round great idea. We would personally love to receive them!

Placemat Pressies

Do you take your Christmas table very seriously? How about treating your guest with a sheet mask as a placemat present!

Perfect for decor and giving, they will make lovely gifts for your guests to take home and enjoy in the evening with chocolates and wine. Everyone needs a little pamper this year.

Adding a little extra to the table for your guest will make you the favourite Christmas host!

Hamper Goodies

Do you enjoy building your own hampers for Christmas? Hampers are lovely presents that can be personalised to your friend or loved one, depending on the things they love.

You can’t go wrong with tea, biscuits, jams but we also think one of our sheet masks would be a lovely self care present to include. Maybe you have changed it up this year and want to do a wellness hamper, if so these really are a must have.

Your loved one will be able to sit back, relax and look after themselves for 15-20 minutes.

Shop our sheet mask ranges online today, mix & match, add 3 to your basket and get the cheapest free.

Happy Shopping!




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Our Top Tips To Avoid The Winter Blues

Our Top Tips To Avoid The Winter Blues

We know how easy it is to feel a little less positive in the winter months, especially this year. BUT changing up your routine and mindset can simply help avoid those winter blues and help your wellbeing during these next few months.

Here are a few tips from us on how to do just that.

1) Move a little

Doing a workout can boost endorphins and mood!

Look to workout first thing in the morning to get your day set out right, but remember, don’t pressure yourself! If you manage to do this 2/3 times a week that is enough and you shouldn’t punish yourself if you skip a day or two.

Use Youtube to find lots of at-home workouts!


2) Get plenty of sleep

Ensuring you get your 8 hours in is important but also ensuring those 8 hours are quality sleep is also important. Try to reduce the amount of screen time prior to going to bed. Have a relaxing evening routine to help you wind down and recognise it is time to switch off.

3) Stay positive

Learning how to think more positively can change many aspects of your mental wellbeing and one way to do this is by writing down what you are grateful for and all of your positives. Sometimes we can all get a little distracted by something ‘bad’ forgetting that actually there’s so many good things to be grateful for in our lives. So start writing these down every morning to start your day positively.


4) Call a friend or family member

Sometimes a small phone call can go a long way! Stay in regular contact with friends and family, this can massively change your mindset and will leave you feeling inspired and grateful if you have a wonderful conversation with a loved one.

5) Make time for the things you love

Whether it is painting, drawing, binging Netflix or simply reading a book, making time for a hobby or interest of yours within your day to day life can really enhance your wellbeing and attitude. This is the perfect time of the year to not feel guilty in staying in and spending time on your passion.

6) Invest in some self care time

Simply relax and wind down with a BeautyPro sheet mask, a bubble bath and a nice film. By spending time on just yourself, it will leave you feeling refreshed. Sometimes all we need is just time out to relax and not to feel guilty for doing so.


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