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Bubbling Sheet Masks: What can they do for you?

Bubbling Sheet Masks: What can they do for you?

A little bit of fun, but also packed with benefits find out more today about bubbling sheet masks and the BeautyPro bubble mask you need to try!

Bubbling sheet masks are amazing for your skin, they remove dirt and are extremely satisfying to watch bubble up as you use it. These masks foam or form bubbles due to a special oxygenation process. This process helps cell renewal, which is why you get instant results with these masks. There’s so many more benefits too! The bubbling process also means that goodness from the mask will be absorbed deep into the pores, exfoliates and improves circulation from the massaging sensation.

Our Detoxifying mask is the Bubbling sheet mask from our core range. This is best known as a cleansing mask and will provide your skin with a deep cleanse during use.

What Are The Benefits Of the Detoxifying Bubbling Cleansing Sheet Mask?


  • Deep pore and blackhead cleansing
  • Boosting skin firmness
  • Improving skin clarity, tone and elasticity
  • Suitable for acne prone skin

Our BeautyPro Detoxifying mask is self foaming and bubbling with intense deep pore cleansing.

This Detoxifying mask contains Activated Charcoal that will target blackheads and reduce oil. PETA Approved and utilising Activated Charcoal, rich AHA complex created from Lime, Lemon, Apple, Orange, and Grapefruit, this mask acts as a cleanser.

How to use:

  1. Massage the pouch to activate the ingredients. (This is a VITAL step to get increase bubbling)
  2. Remove the mask from packaging.
  3. Carefully unfold the mask and place it over the face using the eye holes and mouth hole as a guide.
  4. Wear for 10 minutes, allowing the mask to fully foam.
  5. Remove the mask and rinse off with warm water.
  6. Follow with a BeautyPro treatment sheet mask.

Here are just a few reviews and why you should try it today, you won’t regret it and your skin will LOVE it!

Reviews from our website:

“Lovely, pleasent, will buy again!!

I’m not usually a fan of sheet masks because they are messy & slimey, if I get one in my subscription box I put it away & it sits in my cupboard for ages, well I was intrigued to try the bubble face mask & im glad I did. It was a good fit for my face, sometimes they are too big but this one was perfect! I absolutely loved the foaming sensation on my face it felt really nice. There was no strong scent, overall a very pleasant experience & I’ll definitely buy this particular mask again! My face feels super soft, it’s definitely done it’s job. My face feels squeaky clean & fresh. 5 Stars from me.“

I received one of these bubble sheet masks in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes it’s easy to apply following instructions on how to do it. I left it on a little longer than what is said on instructions as I was enjoying the bubble feeling! You can hear and feel the bubbles foaming and it tickles your face but that’s how you know it’s working! After time was up I took all the bubbles off with my fingers and then peeled off the mask then rubbing the bubbles into my face and then wash with warm water. My face feels so soft and fresh I will definitely be recommending to friends and family xx“

This really us a fantastic mask. Feels really comfy on and the foam gently massages the skin. Really is worth buying. Thanks for the glow. X“



Pick it up for yourself today and see why it's so great. 



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