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Our Spring Skincare Tips

Our Spring Skincare Tips

As the sun starts to appear and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to think about transitioning your skincare to suit your spring routine.

Here’s some tips from us on how to spring clean your skincare and get blooming great skin.

Tip 1) Clean your skincare drawer

Start with your space, and give that a spring clean. This will allow you to ensure you are throwing away products that are past their shelf life and have been unopened a little longer than they should have.

It''s always one of those jobs that you hate, however once you get started, it'll feel like the deep clean you really needed.

Tip 2) Cleanse


The weather is bright, the sky is clear and your skin should be too. ✨

Cleansing daily is so important in your skincare routine and especially in Springtime when you're potentially going to be sweating more, allergies can get worsened, resulting in pores becoming more clogged. Plus washing your face is essential to get rid of any oils and dirt built up from the day, which will be increased as you'll be venturing outside some more over spring, compared to winter.

Pick up our Pink Clay and Black Peel masks for the ultimate skin cleansing treatments.

Tip 3) Treat more than just your face


Get ready to step outside the front door with our Hand & Foot masks. 👋🏼

As you get ready to take the flip-flops out of hiding and venture on your socially distanced picnics, our Foot & Callus peel will be your saviour.

Made up of fruit and botanical extracts, this peeling foot mask will smooth your feed from heel to toe and dead skin will peel gradually after 7 days of use. You can never be too prepared!

Foot & Callus Peel Benefits:

  • Innovative dual layered bootie
  • Ready to use
  • Removes dead skin after 7 days

Our hands are also suffering recently from regular washing, but our Hand Therapy mask will nourish, hydrate, getting them ready to venture away from the home office desk.

Hand Therapy Benefits/Features:
  • Deeply nourishing treatment for the hands
  • Removable glove tips
  • Fine to use with Gel polish and Extensions

Tip 4) Try something blooming great

Bring some florals into your routine for spring.

Packed with hand-picked rose from Bulgaria, this Rose mask contains powerful botanical extracts that will cleanse the skin of impurities and minimise redness. The healing benefits will prevent blemishes and soothe.

Rose Sheet Mask Benefits:

  • Soothes irritation
  • Anti-inflammatory formula
  • Minimises redness

With great results in just 15 minutes: Skin is left soothed, with a deep cleanse of impurities, resulting in redness being minimised, problematic areas being targeted whilst keeping hydrated.

Shop our Rose Sheet Mask today, as part of your Spring Skin essentials.



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