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Celebrating 3 Nominations: Pure Beauty Awards 2022

Celebrating 3 Nominations: Pure Beauty Awards 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for 3 Pure Beauty Awards! This is a great achievement for the team here at BEAUTYPRO and we are so pleased to see some of our latest launches make the shortlist.

We have been nominated for:

Best New Face Mask - Retinol Facial Sheet Mask

Best New Natural Face Product - Niacinamide Daily Serum

Best New Sleep Product - Warming Eye Mask

The Pure Beauty Awards are a key fixture in the industry calendar and we feel very proud to have been recognised for these achievements.

Anthony Veloso, Head of Marketing at BEAUTYPRO, says: “We work tirelessly to create products that we know our customers are going to love. Products that solve a problem or better day to day life. Winning a Pure Beauty Award is that final stamp of approval to say YES this works.”

You can help us to win! As of 7th September 2022, voting opens to the public and we need you to get involved. Cast your votes for our masks and serum in their chosen categories.


Let’s take a deeper dive into the products that have been nominated…

BEAUTYPRO Retinol Facial Sheet Mask

The NEW BEAUTYPRO Retinol Facial Sheet Mask uses Ocean Retinol, naturally derived from Sea Kelp, to create an anti-ageing formula that offers a broad range of benefits to rejuvenate your skin. It helps to stimulate collagen production, diminish fine lines, reduce pore size and even skin tone.

Vote here for Best New Face Mask at the Pure Beauty Awards.

I asked David Herdman, Product Development Director, why he decided to create this mask:

“Due to the success of our Retinol Overnight Serum and Retinol Under Eye Patches it was a natural progression for us to make a sheet mask version to compliment our Retinol range, and we are known for sheet masks so it was a no brainer. The BEAUTYPRO Retinol Facial Sheet Mask has already been a hit with our customers.”

BEAUTYPRO Niacinamide Daily Serum

The BeautyPro Niacinamide Daily Serum is a blemish control formula that balances the skin, improves texture and prevents breakouts. Harnessing the power of niacinamide, CICA and Chia Seed, this serum is the perfect choice for those struggling with acne or blemish prone skin as it’s packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin.

Vote here for Best New Natural Face Product at the Pure Beauty Awards.

David filled me in on why creating natural formulas is so important to BEAUTYPRO:

“We only have one planet earth and we are always striving to improve what we do, changing how we do things right down to the products we produce and their packaging. I love finding ways to create new products like the BEAUTYPRO Niacinamide Serum, with it being water free, vegan, plant based and using recyclable card and glass.”

BEAUTYPRO Warming Eye Mask

The Warming Eye Masks are a calming treatment that are perfect for when you’re in need of some TLC. These self heating masks have a soft chamomile scent, providing gentle warmth and peaceful rest. Simply place the mask over the eye area, using the ear loops to secure it into place and enjoy time to replenish. Tired eyes will be relieved and the mind soothed as you enjoy a moment of tranquillity.

Vote here for Best New Sleep Product at the Pure Beauty Awards.

I asked Anthony why he thought this mask has been so popular with the BEAUTYPRO audience since its launch in February:

“Our lives are now busier than ever, so having that dedicated time to ourselves is so important for our wellness and mental health. The warming eye masks really help to provide that self care fix, by creating a relaxing moment for 20 minutes, where there are no distractions or mindless scrolling through social media. I know I always feel so calm and refreshed after I take the mask off… well that's if I take the mask off! Sometimes I drift off to sleep because I am that relaxed.”

We’d love it if you would head to the Pure Beauty Awards voting form to help us to win! 


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