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Face up to autumn: The Sheet Masks You NEED For This Season

Face up to autumn: The Sheet Masks You NEED For This Season

After weeks of sunshine and heat, your skin is probably in need of some care, so it is time to switch it up a little.

October means that Autumn is fully underway and as the leaves are turning and the nights are getting darker, it isn’t just your wardrobe that you should be changing up for the season.

Preparing your skin for the colder days is extremely important and adapting your routine to meet your skins needs. You may find the temperature change will cause your skin to become dryer, flaky and a little angry.

We are going to take you through the top 4 BeautyPro Masks that NEED to be in your skincare cupboard this Autumn.

The first must have this season is The Hyaluronic Acid Gold Foil Mask.

Drench that face! 

During colder weather, your skin can become prone to drying more, so by using Hyaluronic Acid within your daily routine, you can increase hydration and stop your skin from getting dry.

This mask is perfect for when your skin becomes fatigued, or you are suffering from flaking.

Shop it here.

2: The Plant Based Pumpkin Infused Sheet Mask

Your post summer skin may need a peel and by using an exfoliating product, this will keep your skin looking fresh. Anti-Ageing is also extremely important too. After all of the sun that your face has been exposed too, it is important to incorporate anti-aging products to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Perfect to use once a week or when your skin is looking a little dull, our Pumpkin Infused Sheet Mask is not only great for halloween, but it is made up of AHA’s, which help to increase cell renewal. Plus... It smells divine!

But, that isn’t all that is great about it! The Pumpkin ingredient is actually extremely softening and brightening for the skin. You will be left extremely radiant and glowing for autumnal activities. This is also made up of an anti-aging formula too, so it’s got you covered.

Our Plant Based range masks are made from natural Bamboo fibres, reducing the chance of irritation and all of the ingredients are 100% Plant Based. Our Plant Based Range is also certified by the Vegan Society and PETA

Shop it here.

3: The Black Peel Mask

Keeping your skin clean and free of dirt is essential. By cleansing morning and night, you will be able to ensure you are avoiding a build up of dirt in your skin and clogging pores up.

Plus, if you are cleansing properly, this will allow for other products to properly penetrate in to the skin.

Our Black Peel Mask is the perfect cleanser step for your skincare routine and to use before one of our treatment sheet masks.

The formula loosens blackheads and cleanses deep into the pores to remove impurities. whilst doing this, it will also be clarifying and purifying the skin and rebalancing oily areas. This peel off mask is packed with fruit ingredients that will act as a rejuvenating formula for the skin, leaving you and your skin feeling purified and rebalanced in just 20 minutes.

Plus, it is pain free!

Shop for it here.

Last but not least: The Pink Clay Sheet Mask

Changes in climates can cause our skin to panic a little, meaning you may end up noticing your skin breaking out more than normal. This is common and you just need to find the right product to help.

Our Pink Clay Mask is great for helping when our skin is panicking. With Calmine, Vitamin B and White Mulberry, it’s ingredients will help to cleanse and tighten pores, lift the complexion, and increase skin clarity.

Now this mask is a 40-60 minute treatment, meaning it is perfect for those lazy, self care Sunday’s or the perfect excuse to take some time out to yourself. This mask is a great all rounder that will cleanse, hydrate, brighten and provide an anti-ageing treatment all within 40-60 minutes.

Shop for it here.



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