Maskne: What it is and how to prevent it

Phone, Keys, Wallet, MASK!

This is now the new normal for most of us. Whilst wearing a mask during this current time is essential for those who can, it does have the few negatives... Breakouts and irritation. These breakouts related to mask wearing is now being referred to as ‘maskne’.

We have put together a guide with some tips on how to prevent maskne.


So, what is maskne?

Acne from Masks ( also known as ‘maskne’) is medically known as acne mechanica. This is irritation and breakouts around the mouth and nose which are caused from wearing a face covering mask. The material of the mask can rub around those areas causing irritation and heat and moisture also gets caught under there, which causes bacteria build up. Now... If you are wearing makeup under there and adding that to the mix, you are likely to experience a breakout.

Some ways you can prevent maskne...


1: Masks

Consider swapping your disposable mask for a soft fabric one. The disposable medical ones are more likely to itch and irritate the skin than a fabric, reusable one that is less likely to rub.


2: Wash them

Don’t forget to wash your mask! If you are opting for a reusable mask, you need to remember to wash it. This may mean buying 2 or 3 and wearing them on rotation so that you always have a clean mask! Oh, and don’t wear a damp mask, this can cause more moisture build up, make sure it is fully dry.


3: Your skincare

Cleansing is even more important seeing as you need to draw out the moisture, any dirt and sweat that you are getting whilst wearing your mask. A simple thing to do to help this is to cleanse and wash your face before going out and wearing your mask then also when you remove your mask and you get home. This will help to reduce any dirt, sweat and moisture building up to cause your skin to breakout.

Try our Detoxifying Sheet Mask, this will deeply cleanse your pores and draw out any impurities, perfect for post mask wearing.

You will want to ensure any skincare you are using is gentle on the skin and maybe swap out any regular ones for more sensitive formulas.

Our Rose Infused Sheet Mask is made from biodegradable bamboo, making the sheet mask better for sensitive skin. The rose will calm and soothe your skin, helping when those breakouts do happen. Try it here.


4: Go bare face.

Other than your skincare, you may also want to go bare face to reduce the makeup encouraging maskne. Seeing as the mask covers most of our face anyway, this may be the time to allow your skin to breath as much as possible when wearing a mask over it.


5: Wash or sanitise your hands regularly

When it comes to skin and touching your face, you always need to ensure your hands are clean. Why would you want to be spreading any dirt and bacteria your hands have picked up during the day over your face? Sanitise or wash before and after putting on your mask, this reduces the chance of breakouts too. 

Just follow this guide and you'll have maskne under control, we promise!

Why not shop our range of sheet masks, and give your skin the extra treat it deserves.


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