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Express Skincare: Simplifying Your Routine

Express Skincare: Simplifying Your Routine

We all know that even for beauty lovers, the amount of different products on the market can be overwhelming. The number of new formulas, ingredients and brands hitting the shelves is always rising as the industry grows and innovates.

This means it can be easy to fall into the habits of buying all of the newest products and watching your skincare routine get longer and longer. We’re all guilty of it! We want the benefits of all of these formulas and we want them now.

However, this can be very confusing for your skin. When you put a number of different and not necessarily complimenting ingredients on the skin, it’s only natural that before long it’s going to react. It can cause pore congestion, oiliness, stickiness, dryness, irritation and redness, as well as an increase in breakouts, blackheads and comedones. The exact type of problems we’re trying to avoid!

Also, using loads of products takes time - who has time for a 12 step skincare routine morning and night in this non-lockdown life?

You don’t need 12 products on your skin per day. A great skincare routine is using targeted products that deliver results. No matter your skin type, it’s about finding a simple routine that works for you. Once you have these basics in place, you can adapt and add to it as and when you have issues to target.

Simplifying your skincare routine

To help you to simplify your routine, we’ve broken it down into 3 simple stages: morning, night and during the week. 

Morning Skincare Routine

Your morning skin care routine is all about preserving and protecting the skin from anything you face that day. Whether it be sun, pollution or any other nasties, it’s important to make sure your skin is ready for it.

You should use:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser
  • SPF

Here’s why:


Cleansing in the morning is a key step to ensuring that your skin is rid of any build up of dirt or grime that has accumulated while you’ve been asleep. Anything you come into contact with after your nightly routine will place bacteria back onto your skin and we need to cleanse this away ASAP. It’s not just bacteria - dead skin cells can also build up so we need to remove all of these toxins before they clog the pores, cause breakouts or make the skin oily.

Once these pollutants are removed, any further formulas you put onto the skin will be able to absorb much more effectively with much better results. It’s a win win.

Got 10 minutes to spare? Use the BeautyPro Detoxifying Bubbling Cleansing Sheet Mask with Activated Charcoal to deeply cleanse the pores, target blackheads and reduce oil levels to balance the skin. Shop now >>


Using a toner is sometimes underestimated in its value to the routine. But actually, using a good toner can be the difference between an effective and ineffective regime.

Toner penetrates the skin offering a quick hydration fix and pushes out any dirt or dead skin cells your cleanser may have missed. This formula brings your skin back to its natural acidic states and prepares it to better absorb any further products that you use.

Basically, if you don’t use a toner before your serum, you’re minimising the power of the serums ingredients because they’re not able to sink in as effectively.


Next step is to use a serum. This is where you can really begin to treat any issues or concerns you may have around your skin.

Serums are a great way of getting a powerful dose of active ingredients into the skin in order to repair, hydrate, rejuvenate and more. Thanks to the higher concentration of active molecules, serums can provide visible results quickly.

There are many types of serums, targeting many different issues. These range from anti-ageing, skin brightening, hydrating, free radical fighting, acne tackling, sensitive skin and reparative formulas. This is where you can choose the goal you want to achieve.

Skin feeling lacklustre? Opt for a brightening serum that will help you to regain that natural glow. Wrinkles and fine lines getting you down? Choose a serum that stimulates cell renewal and minimises the signs of ageing.

In the morning, we’d suggest that a serum packed full of antioxidants, such as a Vitamin C serum. This can be a great choice to protect against pollution, free radicals and sun damage. It can also enhance collagen production, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and brighten the complexion. An all rounder!


Moisturising daily is vital to maintain healthy skin. You can help to set your skin up for the day by applying a layer of moisturiser after your cleanse, tone and serum to lock in the nutrients, ingredients and hydration provided by these formulas. It will also form a barrier to retain this moisture to allow your skin to stay plump, firm and brightened.

Moisturiser can also help to repair the skin after a hot shower - the heat from the shower often strips the moisture from the skin so by moisturising as part of your routine after, you can help to rehydrate the area.


Wearing sun protection is one of the best ways to retain your skin’s health and appearance. We all know that sun exposure can damage the skin but it's not just when you’re heading off to the beach that you need to wear an SPF. Each day you’ll be exposed to UV radiation as even on cloudy days, those UV rays will still make their way to your skin. Rain or shine, SPF will protect your skin from sun damage.

Some moisturisers and foundations offer SPF protection which can help you to minimize the steps in your routine whilst maximising on safety.


Nightly Skincare Routine

Your nighttime skin routine is vital to tackle any skin concerns you may have. During the night, your skin actually absorbs nutrients a lot more effectively than during the day. Combined with the fact that it's not coming into contact with environmental stressors such as the sun or pollution and your skin is makeup free, this makes it the perfect time for your skincare formulas to do their best work.

We suggest:

  • Makeup Removal
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser or night cream

Here’s why:

Makeup Removal

We know we don’t need to tell you to do this, but removing makeup is essential for ensuring that your skin can renew and breathe while you sleep.

Leaving it on overnight can cause extensive damage to the skin as it slows cell renewal and clogs the pores, causing breakouts and leaving your skin looking tired.

Use a gentle Micellar water and a clean makeup remover pad to lift the makeup away from the skin without the need for any harsh rubbing.


Cleansing at night is even more important than your morning cleanse. It’s vital to rid your skin of any grime, bacteria and toxins your skin has come into contact with during the day. Even if you’ve spent the whole day indoors and without makeup on, you still need to make sure your skin is clear before you snooze. Build up of excess sebum, sweat or dead skin will cause just as many issues as pollutants from the outside world!

Cleanse those pores to prevent clogging and allow the rest of the formulas in your skincare routine to work most effectively.


Our skin’s best pal toner is back for round 2 in the evening. Again this step is key to ensuring that your skin’s pH levels are balanced and that it’s prepped to absorb all of the goodness from the ingredients of the following products.

Look out for specific ingredients in toners to address various skin concerns. For example, rosewater or vitamin E for hydration, tea tree oil to tackle oil, chamomile for skin soothing, aloe vera to reduce inflammation/redness and plant stem cells for antioxidants and anti-ageing.

For maximum results, press the toner into your skin using your fingers to ensure none of the product is lost by absorbing into a cotton pad. This method is more sustainable and ensures that the powerful ingredients directly reach the skin.


As we’ve mentioned, nighttime is when your skin absorbs the most nutrients and is able to kick cell renewal into further action. This means that by using a serum in the evening, you can really increase the impact of the ingredients.

Much like we suggested a protective serum for the morning, for the evening there are other serums that are more appropriate. Anti-ageing serums, especially those containing Retinol are a great choice for night time use as this ensures these powerful ingredients are present for when your body is focusing on skin repair and renewal.

Retinol is effective as an anti-acne treatment, as well as an anti-ageing powerhouse. It will help the skin to bring fresh cells to the surface, as well as tackling wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Retinol should be used as a nighttime serum as it increases the skin's sensitivity to sun damage so is better placed as a nighttime formula. Ensure you apply your SPF the following day to make sure your skin’s protected.

Moisturiser or night cream

As always, at this stage it’s important to lock in all of those powerful ingredients and hydration by applying a moisturiser or night cream. Some people opt to use the same moisturiser day and night, while others prefer to use a night cream.

Night creams are thicker and heavier moisturisers that are designed to absorb into the skin over a number of hours. This helps to lock in the benefits of your serum, whilst also creating a protective coating that prevents moisture evaporating from your skin while you sleep.

Weekly Skincare Routine

Now we’ve ascertained our daily routine, it’s also important to think about the other products we want to use that aren’t necessarily for every day application.


Exfoliating your face is vital in refreshing and deeply cleansing the skin. Exfoliation offers a huge range of benefits, from cleaning and purifying clogged pores, to removing dead skin cells and encouraging cell turnover, to helping your other skin care products penetrate deeper. It will also even the skin tone, boost circulation and give your face an instant glow.

As much as these benefits are great, you don’t want to over-exfoliate as this can breakdown the skin’s barrier function, resulting in capillaries becoming damaged and skin becoming dehydrated.

Exfoliation should take place around two or three times a week, depending on your skin's sensitivity. If you’re prone to redness or irritation, limit your exfoliation to once or twice per week.

Use an exfoliator that is created specifically for your skin type to ensure that the formula is suited to your complexion and won’t cause any sensitivity or issues.

For a weekly deep cleansing and exfoliation, choose the BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask. This rejuvenating treatment will work deep into the pores to remove impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling purified in just 20 minutes. Shop now >>


There is no limit to how often you can enjoy the benefits of a sheet mask. If you want to experience the joys of masking every day, you go girl! Simply slot it in after your toner to allow the powerful formulas to hydrate, cleanse and boost your skin.

We know however that with a fast pace of life, not everyone has time for a 15 minute mask every day. Try to fit a mask into your schedule at least once a week in order to make sure you're regularly replenishing and restoring the skin.

Here are some of our favourite sheet masks, perfect for fitting in to your express skin care routine:

BeautyPro Nourishing - This mask is great for getting your hydration fix. The formula will nourish the skin, reducing the signs of ageing, boosting moisture levels and promoting the regeneration of cells. Shop now >>

BeautyPro Rejuvenating - This mask will balance the skin, reducing oily areas and hydrating the skin to achieve a supple, youthful complexion. Using marine collagen it will enhance the skin’s structure and elasticity. Shop now >>

BeautyPro Plant Based Herb - This vegan mask replenishes the skin, resulting in an even skin tone, reduced pores and a healthy glow. This is a great choice for blemish control and healing irritated or damaged skin. Shop now >>

BeautyPro Plant Based Avocado - This vegan mask will deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, for a softer, smoother complexion. The vitamin rich formula locks in moisture, stimulates cell repair and aids healing. Shop now >>

But what about other types of mask?

Not all masks can be used as regularly as the humble sheet. It’s important to stick to these guidelines as these masks if used too much can impact the skin's barrier.

Clay or mud masks - up to 3 times a week
Charcoal - once or twice a week
Cream or gel masks - up to 3 times a week
Enzyme, exfoliating and peel off - once a week

The BeautyPro Pink Clay Mask is a mess free Calamine treatment that deeply cleanses, tightens and hydrates the skin. This 40 minute mask is the perfect Sunday treat to brighten and purify the skin for the week ahead. Shop now >>

Eye Care

The eyes can be one of the most telling areas of our faces when it comes to tiredness and ageing. The skin around the eye is much thinner than the rest of your face and can therefore be more likely to show fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. This is why it’s really important to look after this area.

Under eye masks can be a great option to give this area a replenishing boost. The sheets are infused with a lightweight serum and are designed to tackle the signs of tiredness and ageing.

Here at BeautyPro, we offer an AM and PM option:

Energise and brighten your eyes in the morning with BeautyPro Eye Therapy - a relaxing and rejuvenating formula that will relieve the effect of tired, swollen and puffy eyes. Use every day or as often as you like! Shop now >>

Reduce the signs of ageing with the BeautyPro Retinol Under Eye Patch. This intense formula will soothe the skin, retain moisture and encourage cell renewal, reducing fine lines and smoothing the skin’s texture. Use once or twice a week to begin with, then you can up the frequency if you like once your skin has built up a tolerance. Shop now >>

So that’s it - your daily and weekly routine basics sorted. Don’t forget, you can tailor this as and when concerns arise to make sure you’re targeting the right issues, but sticking to this base structure will give your skin the consistency it needs to glow!

For more tips on how to streamline your skincare, follow us on Instagram.


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