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Our Strictly Super Fan!

Our Strictly Super Fan!

You may have noticed we have acquired a top fan lately, namely - Karen Hauer, best known as a professional dancer on the popular BBC TV show - Strictly Come Dancing.

When she's not practising her dazzling ballroom techniques, Karen is taking some well earned time out to rest and recharge. With that, comes some intense self care!

She began using our products at the start of the year, and creating hilarious instagram stories, often featuring her dogs. She then coined the hashtag - #morningmaskclub whilst using our sheet masks in her morning routine. 

With nearly 300,000 followers this was an incredible organic opportunity so we contacted her to see if she would like to try some other products as a thank you. 

Then we saw that Strictly Come Dancing - The Professionals were about to embark on a tour. So we sent her some BEAUTYPRO goodies as a thank you just before she embarked on the Tour, and Karen was so touched she organised two free tickets to the show.

We raffled the tickets within the team, and the lucky winner was our Head of Sales, Martin!

Martin took his mum with him, and thoroughly enjoyed the show, he reported back that it was every bit as glitzy and glamorous as the programme, the dancers were on top form and it was truly spectacular!

We are absolutely delighted to have been able to share the experience amongst the team, we all pored over the photos Martin was able to take. How incredible for Karen to have reached out and we are even more pleased that she loves our products so much she is willing to share hilarious snapshots of her morning!

Special thanks - to Karen, of course for being such a willing ambassador for BEAUTYPRO, thank you to the SCD tour staff for making Martins experience so seamless, thank you to our hardworking warehouse team for sending out samples for Karen to try, and thank you to Abbie, our marketing manager for organising the in-house raffle, and liaising with Karen in the first place!


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