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Our Top Tips To Avoid The Winter Blues

Our Top Tips To Avoid The Winter Blues

We know how easy it is to feel a little less positive in the winter months, especially this year. BUT changing up your routine and mindset can simply help avoid those winter blues and help your wellbeing during these next few months.

Here are a few tips from us on how to do just that.

1) Move a little

Doing a workout can boost endorphins and mood!

Look to workout first thing in the morning to get your day set out right, but remember, don’t pressure yourself! If you manage to do this 2/3 times a week that is enough and you shouldn’t punish yourself if you skip a day or two.

Use Youtube to find lots of at-home workouts!


2) Get plenty of sleep

Ensuring you get your 8 hours in is important but also ensuring those 8 hours are quality sleep is also important. Try to reduce the amount of screen time prior to going to bed. Have a relaxing evening routine to help you wind down and recognise it is time to switch off.

3) Stay positive

Learning how to think more positively can change many aspects of your mental wellbeing and one way to do this is by writing down what you are grateful for and all of your positives. Sometimes we can all get a little distracted by something ‘bad’ forgetting that actually there’s so many good things to be grateful for in our lives. So start writing these down every morning to start your day positively.


4) Call a friend or family member

Sometimes a small phone call can go a long way! Stay in regular contact with friends and family, this can massively change your mindset and will leave you feeling inspired and grateful if you have a wonderful conversation with a loved one.

5) Make time for the things you love

Whether it is painting, drawing, binging Netflix or simply reading a book, making time for a hobby or interest of yours within your day to day life can really enhance your wellbeing and attitude. This is the perfect time of the year to not feel guilty in staying in and spending time on your passion.

6) Invest in some self care time

Simply relax and wind down with a BeautyPro sheet mask, a bubble bath and a nice film. By spending time on just yourself, it will leave you feeling refreshed. Sometimes all we need is just time out to relax and not to feel guilty for doing so.


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