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The Do's & Don't's When Sheetmasking

The Do's & Don't's When Sheetmasking

Common Sheet Mask mistakes


Want to get the most out of your next sheet mask pamper session?

We are going to be talking you through the common mistakes that are made when using sheet masks. We hope this simple guide helps.


1: Not Choosing the right mask

Now, just because the packaging might be cute, doesn’t mean it is the most beneficial mask to your skin type. Know what your skin type is and search for which benefits and ingredients are most suitable to you. Our packaging contains benefits and what results you will get, this is there to help you chose the right one. If you ever need any help, just pop us a DM on Instagram!

2: Not prepping your face beforehand

Cleanse! Make sure you are applying your sheet mask to a clean face. NEVER apply onto a dirty face. You can never prep too much. If you are feeling extra prepared, then exfoliating and toning beforehand is also a great thing to do. This will ensure your skin is perfectly clean and prepped to get the most out of your sheet mask and its ingredients.

You can use our detoxifying mask to cleanse your face before using a one of our other treatment sheet masks.


3: Not reading the instructions

Reading instructions is the most basic of steps but a lot of people do not do it. Not all sheet masks are the same, so just because you have used them before, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the instructions. All of our packaging contains illustrated instructions for your information. Timings change depending on the mask and the ingredients, always check!

4: Not smoothing the mask out properly when applying

Ensuring the mask is as tight and smooth as possible to your skin is important. Place the eye, nose and mouth holes in the correct place then pull tightly to the edges of the mask to apply over your face. Smooth out where needed and pull tighter. Make sure the chin is folded down, not left hanging.

5: Not following the correct timing

You may think leaving on a sheet mask for longer than stated is a positive thing, but it isn’t. Always stick to the suggested time as using the mask for longer can irritate the skin and cause the mask and product to eventually dry up. So set a timer and remove within the allocated time.

6: Washing the face after removing a sheet mask

Never wash your face after using a sheet mask! You need to gently pat the excess serum into your skin, do not throw it away or wash it away. You can then apply to the neck, décolletage, your hands, knees and elbows... Don’t waste, use it!

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