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BeautyPro Daily Serum Range now available at Next

BeautyPro Daily Serum Range now available at Next

We’re so pleased to announce the launch of the BeautyPro Plant Based Daily Serum Range into Next.

Next was established in 1981 and has grown to become one of the most loved stores on the British high street. With over 500 stores and a popular online presence, Next now stocks a huge range of categories, including clothing, homeware, flowers and beauty.

We’ve been working with Next for 3 years now and they stock 33 of our BeautyPro products, including the full Plant Based range, our SPA at home sets and even their own exclusive gift set - the BeautyPro Top to Toe set.

We are so excited to see our Serum Range now available on their website and in store. Visit Next to explore the collection, including:

BRIGHTENING Vitamin C Daily Serum - The answer to tired or ageing skin! This energising serum will deeply hydrate and refresh the skin to leave it glowing. Dark circles will be combatted and the skin cells will receive a boost of all of the vital nutrients they require to function effectively. The formula will stimulate the production of collagen to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin to create a smooth and supple texture.

RETINOL Overnight Serum - A must have to solve your anti-ageing needs. This powerful formula created using Ocean Retinol conditions the skin, kickstarting the production of collagen and bringing fresh, youthful cells to the surface. It protects from free radicals to repel the particles that damage healthy skin. Retinol is also a great choice for those struggling with breakouts as it is anti-inflammatory and works to visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes, prevent further breakouts and calm any irritation caused.

REVITALISING Vitamin CAKE Daily Serum - Perfect for skin that needs a little TLC! This formula rebalances, renews and moisturises the skin to leave it feeling soothed and replenished. Deep hydration is provided by the addition of Watermelon to transform dehydrated and dull skin into a glowing, plumped complexion. This reparative formula is rich in Omega 3 and Antioxidants and will work to protect the skin from free radicals to ensure it stays youthful.

“We are delighted to announce that our brand new BeautyPro Daily Serum Range is now available online and in-store at Next. Our new water-free, plant based range of serums are going down a storm and with fantastic buyer feedback. Thank you to the wonderful team at Next.” - The BeautyPro team.

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