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Five Things to Do Whilst Wearing a Sheet Mask

Five Things to Do Whilst Wearing a Sheet Mask

[This post was written by the self-care subscription box - Lemonade Box. Read more about them at the end of this post and enjoy an exclusive, two-month discount.]


Ah, five things to do, whilst wearing a beauty mask. What a great topic. Our speciality, really. We mean, all of the Lemonade Box team and the BeautyPro team wear masks. Yup. They say, SUPER TEAM and they go with our special, SUPER TEAM costumes. The capes, too are a nice touch, we think.
Anyway... Today, we're here to help you choose your time wisely. We're going to give you some ways to spend your time, whilst you're wearing a beauty mask. Not the superhero, incredible, save-the-world kind of masks we wear, but the kinds of masks that BeautyPro do. You know, those absolute, self-care essential masks. The ones that make you feel like the beautiful queen (or king!) that you truly are. The ones that have also been featured in our very own Lemonade Boxes AND Pyjama Drama Boxes, might we add. 



It's only right that if you're wearing a beauty mask, you avoid scrolling through social media, and do something that really makes you happy. Something that makes you feel fulfilled. Something that doesn't numb your mind, but, instead, makes you feel the true benefits of self-care, especially with lockdown going on. Do you know what we mean? If not, you'll definitely know by the end of this post.


1. Read a few chapters of your favourite book
Reading is good for all sorts of things. It improves our memory and empathy and has even been scientifically proven to make us feel an overall improved sense of wellbeing and positivity. It's a productive way to spend your time and it also allows you to temporarily escape any troubles you may be dealing with, right now. What could be better than sticking on a face mask, or hand mask, or foot mask (masks are extremely versatile in this day and age, you know) and delving into a completely different world? Nothing! That's what. Absolutely nothing. So, why not give that a go, next time you're indulging in some essential self-care time? We promise, you won't regret it.


2. Learn a new recipe
Name a better duo than self-care and food. We'll wait. For a little bit. We get impatient, you know? Especially, when we already know what you're going to say. You're going to say "you know what, guys? I've had a think. There's no better duo than self-care and food." We're psychic. Just trust us, OK?
Anyway, instead of ordering a takeaway (as tempting as this may be), why not try to learn a new recipe? Hear us out. Think of your absolute favourite food ever. If you already know how to cook it, try thinking of a different one. When you've thought of one, look up the recipe and see if you can replicate it in the kitchen. That way, you can have it whenever you want (and you can run around the kitchen with a mask on your face, just because)! Also, it's good to keep busy and learn new things. So, why not keep busy by learning to cook your favourite food? Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Or, in this case, we guess it's more like giving two birds a group cuddle, because that's a nicer saying... And good food makes us feel warm, fuzzy and cuddly, inside.


3. FaceTime your family and/or friends
Keeping your friends and family close is always important. Especially, during times like these. Our relationships with others are arguably the most important things we have in our lives and we should always work hard to cherish and make the most out of them. Friends and family lift us up when we're feeling down and they care about us. What's even better, is that we have the power to lift them up when they're feeling down. You never know, if you decide to FaceTime your sister whilst you're indulging in self-care, it might be the highlight of her day. It might also give her the shock of her life, if she answers your call and you've got a grey mask on your face. But, that's not the important thing here.
Catch up with your friends and family, the next time you've got a beauty mask on. Even if it's for 10 minutes. It's good to communicate. Tell them how you're doing and ask them how they're doing. Lockdown can be really tough on our mental health and it's important that we've all got somebody to talk to and have a laugh with.


4. Plan your week/next few days/weekend
Planning is good for the soul. It really is. It makes us feel productive, it gives us something to look forward to, it keeps us busy and it makes things a lot less messy. It can be really daunting when you've got a bunch of thoughts in your head, especially when these thoughts seem just be an endless list of things that you need to do. Like get the groceries, or paint the living room, or wash the hamster. That's why it's good to plan. It's good to have everything in front of you.
Write down all the things you need/want to do over the next week, or few days, or weekend - depending on what day of the week it is, or how busy you are. Please bear in mind that this list doesn't have to solely be chores. It can be self-care, too. If you want to fit in a nice, relaxing bath, once you've given the hamster one, write it down. It's your life and it's your list. Do what makes you happy. As long as the hamster's happy, too. We like hamsters.


5. Do something you've always wanted to do
This can be anything. Well, almost anything. Of course, due to COVID-19, everything's a lot harder. But, this is why it's so important to keep a positive attitude right now and to stay busy. There are plenty of things you can do without leaving the house. Things that you've always wanted to do. Have a think. What is it that excites you?
It doesn't have to be something totally new. It can be something that you used to love doing, but don't do as often anymore, because life got in the way. You might want to start playing the guitar, again. Or, you might want to learn how to play the guitar, or any other instrument you like the look of. You might want to start painting, or drawing. You might even want to start a business, or learn a different language. ¿Qué tan genial sería eso?
If it's Spanish you've always wanted to learn, we've already given you a head start. Don't say we don't look out for you! 


That's all, folks! There are loads of things you can do with your time, whilst wearing a beauty mask. The list is endless. If you're not a massive fan of the things listed in this post, have a little think about what you would like to do with your time. Just, make sure it makes you feel happy and fulfilled. That's the most important thing when it comes to self-care. It's all about you and your happiness. Your mind needs to feel as good as your body and if BeautyPro is anything to go by, your mind needs to feel exceptional!
Thanks for reading. We'll speak to you, soon. 


Lemonade Box is a self-care subscription box based in Birmingham, UK. They provide 5-6 unique, handpicked items to your door, all expertly curated to reduce stress and encourage self-care, mindfulness and positive thinking. If you want to enhance your self-care routine, check out their website below and use the code BEAUTY15 for 15% off your first two boxes.

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