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Which Mask is For Me?

Which Mask is For Me?

BeautyPro Masks

With our ever-expanding range of treatment masks, picking the perfect mask can be tricky. We talk through each of our masks, allowing you to find the mask which is perfect just for you. 

This mask is ideal if you suffer from dry skin. Olive extract helps to replenish moisture in the skin leaving a hydrated, fresh look. 

Want to rebalance uneven skin tone and boost elasticity? Our BRIGHTENING mask with Vitamin C will help to boost complexion along with diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

If you're looking for an instant fresh faced look our REJUVENATING mask is for you. Green Tea extract helps to give complexion a much-needed pick me up.

This mask is designed to help treat acne prone skin. The micro bubbles penetrate deep into the pores to remove dirt and impurities preventing blackhead build up. 

If you're looking for the ultimate cleanse this mask is for you. Activated Charcoal helps to withdraw impurities from the skin, loosening blackheads and removing the top layer of dead skin cells.

If you're looking to tighten, brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines under the eyes, look no further than our EYE THERAPY under eye masks. Hydrogel patches infused with collagen and green tea extract help to treat tired, puffy looking eyes.

Want to hydrate feet, leaving them instantly silky soft? Our FOOT THERAPY mask will allow you to achieve just that. Collagen infused booties help to lock in moisture. The booties have removable tips allowing you to paint toe nails while your feet experience a rich, hydrating treatment. 

Dry, cracked hands? No problem. Our HAND THERAPY gloves, similar to our FOOT THERAPY bootie help to lock in moisture providing a deep nourishing treatment. The gloves also have removable tips which are great for allowing you to paint your nails while the moisture sets in to your hands. 

Want to give your feet a new lease of life? Whether It’s prepping them for the beach or ready for your favourite open toe/open heel shoes, our FOOT & CALLUS peel mask is just for you. Effectively and safely remove dry dead skin from your feet within 7 days. 

Which of our masks is your favourite? Let us know on social media @BeautyProGlobal

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