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Sheet Masks

How to Perfectly Apply a Sheet Mask

Here at BeautyPro, you know you can always rely on us to provide you with your favourite sheet masks - no matter your skin type or concern. Sheet masks are a great way of getting goodness into your skin, while also taking 20 minutes to yourself to relax and refresh.

In this blog, we’ll explain a little more about why sheet masks are so great, when to use them and how to apply them to ensure you get the best results every time.

So...why are sheet masks good for you?

One of the main reasons why using a sheet mask is beneficial to your skin, is because it gives you a huge boost of hydration, even after only one use. They help to increase the moisture content in your skin, resulting in a plumped, smooth, moisturised complexion. Hydrated skin is much healthier, happier and brighter!

Sheet masks can also help your skin to absorb ingredients more effectively. With other beauty products, evaporation can mean that less of the formula makes it into the skin. However with sheet masks, they trap the serum onto the skin which encourages better absorption - meaning those powerful active ingredients can do their job much easier!

As well as these main benefits, each different sheet mask will offer its own selling points as to how it can improve your skin, with factors such as nourishing, anti-ageing, brightening and calming being some of most sought after.

See our full range of sheet masks here.


How to use a sheet mask

When you buy a sheet mask, it can be tempting to immediately throw it on your face without a care in the world. But if you want maximum impact, you’re gonna have to do some prep.

  1. First, start by removing your makeup. We need a bare face for this sheet mask to really work its magic.
  2. Then you want to cleanse your skin to really make sure that it is clear and prepped. You could even exfoliate at this point too for even better results!
  3. Follow this with a toner to remove any final traces of dirt, clean your pores, restore the natural pH balance and get your skin optimised for absorbing the ingredients of your mask.
  4. This is when you apply your sheet mask. Your skin is prepped, primed and ready for that powerful hit of ingredients to get to work. Before you open the packaging, gently massage the sachet. This will awaken the ingredients ready for them to transform your skin.
  5. Open the sachet and gently pull out the mask.
  6. Unfold the sheet gently and hold it up to your face, aligning your eyes and mouth with the corresponding holes. It can be easier to do this in front of the mirror!
  7. Pull the mask tight onto the face to ensure it is covering the full area. Use your fingers to firm the material into place and ensure that it is secure. Smooth out any air bubbles and ensure every piece of sheet is touching your face, it will only be annoying for you if it’s flapping everywhere! Make sure that the nose flap is resting over your nose.
  8. Refer to the instructions on the packaging to see how long you should keep it on for. This is usually around 15-20 minutes. Don’t exceed the recommended time as if the sheet dries out it could actually start to reabsorb some of the hydration from your skin!
  9. Sit back, relax and enjoy the refreshing and calming nature of a sheet mask.
  10. When time is up, remove the mask by starting at the bottom of the face and peeling it away in an upward motion.
  11. Squeeze any leftover serum from the mask and massage it into your face, neck and décolletage to really make the most of the formula.
  12. Finally, don’t wash your face after! Apply a moisturizer to lock in all of those great benefits and ensure the hydration is retained.

PRO tips: Sheet Mask Top Tips

So we’ve taught you the basics of how to apply a sheet mask, but of course we’re sheet mask experts so we have some great tips to help you enjoy your mask even more!

Use a jade roller to increase absorption

Once you have the mask on your face, this is a great chance to use your jade roller. This helps to push the ingredients into your skin, boosts blood circulation and tbh it just feels great!

Add a sheet mask to your night out makeup routine

Got an event you want to look great for? Use a sheet mask before applying your makeup to create a perfect surface for you to work on. Think plumped, smooth, dewy skin - what more could you want?

For an extra refreshing treatment, keep your mask in the fridge

Just like a refreshing can of Coke, taking your mask straight from the fridge is the ultimate way to quench your skin’s thirst and experience a cooling sensation. This can really help if your skin is puffy as it will help it to calm. We’d really recommend this technique, especially in the summer!

Multi masking to target multiple areas

Did you know that you can use your eye masks and sheet masks at the same time for a mega pamper session? Place your eye patches beneath the sheet to target both areas at once and save yourself time!

If you’re feeling really fancy, we have foot masks, hand masks and hair masks too if you want to have a head to toe treatment!


Everyone should try the Charcoal bubble sheet mask – it’s a firm favourite of mine! I can’t wait to try more.

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