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LGBTQ+ Accounts to Follow on Instagram

LGBTQ+ Accounts to Follow on Instagram

As Pride Month draws to a close, we want to celebrate those who are making Instagram a better place with their activism, education and most importantly, joy!

Whether they're documenting their lives, creating safe spaces or educating others, all of these accounts are leading the way for inclusion and equality. 


Matt Bernstein uses the platform to inform, inspire and just generally entertain. Check out the 🔥 make up and nails used to portray important messages.



Schuyler Bailar is a transgender man who uses his Instagram to raise awareness around Trans rights. Follow for educational posts!


Blair Imani is a black, bisexual, muslim woman who uses Instagram to share educational content. As an educator, historian and author, she has a lot of knowledge to offer.


ALOK is an author, performer, speaker and fashionista! Follow for book reports, performances and fashion.


Char Ellesse is an "unapologetic queer black woman" who's Insta is powerful, beautiful and educational. 


Devin-Norelle is a trans advocate who's content powerfully educates and informs his followers by curating content.


J Mase III is a poet and educator who uses Instagram to share resources. He is currently writing a non-fiction book as well as producing a documentary on theology and survivors of violence.


Zain Shah provides the fashion and beauty inspo of your dreams! They are non-binary and use their platform to celebrate self acceptance.


Matthew and Ryan are Insta and Tiktok sensations, with over 3.5 million followers. They document their life and love in video form!


Riyadh Khalaf is an Iraqi/Irish broadcaster and best seller author. Hen runs a Youtube channel and often vlogs about the LGBTQ+ community, pop culture and lifestyle, as well as hosting a BBC tv show, Queer Britain.


Tanya Compas is a youth worker, charity and non-profit consultant and founder of Exist Loudly, aiming to create spaces of joy, community and care for Black LGBTQ+ youth.


Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a content creator and YouTuber who advocates for the LGBTQ+ community and is a deaf and disabled activist. Jessica and her wife Claud have just had a baby so follow for some cute content!


PinkNews is a popular account that shares LGBT+ stories from around the world. Promoting educational, celebrity and news worthy content, this is your one stop show for knowledge and entertainment.


Mentally LGBTQ is a safe space to discover resources, memes and entertaining content. 


Pride Palace celebrates Pride 365 days a year. Follow for memes, videos and education.


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