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12 ways to reduce under eye wrinkles

12 ways to reduce under eye wrinkles

Under eyes can often be the first place where fine lines or wrinkles appear. From as early as our 20s we could begin to notice lines around the eyes. But why is this?

The skin under your eyes is very thin, with blood vessels underneath it. As you age and your skin loses collagen, this delicate skin can be the first to show the signs as its elasticity reduces.

These fine lines and wrinkles begin as dynamic wrinkles - visible when you move your facial muscles, for example when you smile or laugh. As you age, they morph into static wrinkles which are visible regardless of muscle movement.

There can be many factors that cause a person to gain fine lines and wrinkles. It happens to all of us over time, however there are some causes that may mean that the effects are visible earlier or to a greater extent.

What causes under eye wrinkles?

UV Rays

UV is a huge culprit when it comes to causing the collagen in the skin to start breaking down. Collagen is so important for your skin health and youthful appearance so it’s important to protect it at all costs! UV rays, whether caused by the sun or by man made UV such as tanning beds, will be extremely harmful to your skin and cause the skin to become leathery and wrinkled.


As if smoking needed any more negatives, it’s also the strongest factor aside from age that will cause wrinkles. The extra stress it puts on the skin causes anti-oxidising and damages the collagen and elastin. It also restricts the blood vessels within your face and minimises the circulation, meaning your skin gets less vitamin A. Basically - it’s not good news.

Repetitive movements and expressions

Unfortunately, unless you plan on never smiling or squinting again, this one’s pretty unavoidable. Repetitive facial expressions cause the skin to move, developing grooves under the skin. As our collagen production reduces, the skin eventually loses the ability to spring back into its normal place.

Rubbing your eyes

It seems like something natural to do, you feel tired so you rub your eyes. If this is something you often do, it could be a good idea to stop. As you rub this delicate thin skin, it can cause the skin to stretch too much which damages the elastin therefore creating lines.


We all know that hydrated skin is plump, firm and has better elasticity. This is why when our skin is dehydrated we experience a feeling of tightness. You may also notice that lines become more prominent. As for everything to do with your skin health, it’s really important to keep it hydrated to prevent these symptoms.

Sleeping position

I have bad news for those side or front sleepers. Sleeping in these positions could be causing your skin to wrinkle sooner than you’d like. When you sleep with your face on the pillow regularly, it can cause your skin to crease, forming wrinkles such as crows feet.

So this is why we’re experiencing them - but what can we do to treat under eye wrinkles?

How can I prevent and reduce under eye wrinkles?

We’ve compiled 12 ways in which you can prevent and reduce the formation of under eye wrinkles.

1. Exfoliation

While it might seem counter productive to exfoliate this thin and delicate skin, it could actually be a game changer. When you gently exfoliate, you encourage new cell growth which will help to repair the wrinkled areas. Use an eye-specific exfoliation product and gently massage it into the under-eye.

PRO tip: Avoid exfoliants (or any type of products) that are made for other parts of the face as the chemicals they use could be too harsh for this area. It is extremely sensitive so should be treated with specific care.

2. Moisturising

It’s vital to moisturize all parts of your face to keep your skin healthy, but especially around your eyes. A lack of moisture can cause fine lines to look more defined.

Similarly to exfoliants, you need to pick a moisturizer that’s specific for your eyes. Your facial moisturiser could irritate the eye area and could also be too thick to fully absorb.

Choose a fragrance free formula that will help to promote new cell growth and enhance circulation - look out for those that contain retinol, peptides and hyaluronic acid as these are proven to improve the under eye area.

Why not try the BeautyPro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask? A 20 minute treatment that relieves puffiness and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Shop now >>

3. Gentle application

As we mentioned previously, rubbing your eyes too harshly can cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. When applying any sort of product to the under eye, be careful not to pull on the skin. Use your ring finger to gently pat the product in, avoiding any rubbing, scratching or pulling of the eye.

4. Retinol

Retinol has been heralded as the single most effective ingredient when it comes to ridding yourself of wrinkles. A derivative of Vitamin A, it stimulates the production of new cells and increases collagen creation. This in turn improves the skin’s texture, creating a smooth and toned appearance. This is perfect when you’re tackling sun damage, dark spots, large pores and of course, wrinkles.

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You can read more information about Retinol here.

5. Choose the right ingredients

Choosing the right ingredients is vital when treating the under eye area as it is so sensitive. Your aim is to nourish the skin, not irritate it! Here are some ingredients we’d recommend looking out for:

Hyaluronic Acid - HA is a deeply hydrating substance that will aid the cells in moisture retention, leaving the skin feeling plump and healthy. This is perfect for the under eye as hydration will help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea - Green Tea is rich in nutrients and antioxidants which provides great benefits to the skin. It helps to improve the elasticity of the skin as well as moisturising the area - both great factors when it comes to losing those wrinkles.
Vitamin C - This is also a powerful antioxidant, meaning that it can help to protect the skin from free radicals that will damage the skin by breaking down cells. By preventing those free radicals from having an effect, Vitamin C will keep your skin looking youthful and bright.

Peptides - These are a naturally occurring molecule found within living organisms. They help to boost collagen production, therefore improving the texture of the skin.

6. Protect from sun exposure

As we mentioned, UV rays are particularly damaging to the skin - think dangerous rays + squinting and you’ve got yourself an under eye wrinkle disaster.

When you’re heading out (even when it’s not sunny!) make sure to apply an SPF of at least 30. If you know you’re going to be sat in direct sunlight for an extended period, ensure to wear sunglasses or even shield your eyes using a hat.

7. Adapt your sleeping habits

Sleeping on your front or side where your face is against the pillow can cause wrinkles to form more easily. If you’re able to, try to sleep on your back so that your face isn’t in contact with anything. This will ensure your face isn’t squished and doesn’t form compression lines.

If your sleeping position is not to be messed with, invest in a silk pillowcase. This reduces the friction between the material and your skin, as well as absorbing less moisture than cotton so it won’t pull away any moisture from your skin.

8. Step away from the screens

As we know by now, squinting our eyes is bad news for wrinkles. Whether there’s glare from the screen, you’ve got the font too small or you’re just looking at it for too long, you’re bound to be squinting. We also blink less when sat at a screen which in turn will make the eyes dry and lead to blurred vision or headaches. It will also cause our eyes to be itchier and therefore lead us to rubbing them. All in all, not great for those wrinkles.

To remedy this, turn the font size up on your devices and try to take regular screen breaks.

9. Facial massages

If you’re in the early stages of developing fine lines and wrinkles, a gentle massage or facial exercise can help to stimulate the blood flow, reduce puffiness and tone the skin.

You can do this while you apply your eye cream. Using your ring finger, gently tap in the cream from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner corner, along the bone.

10. Healthy diet

As with anything health related, maintaining a vitamin rich diet will always provide benefits. Much like we look for antioxidants in our skincare, we should also ensure we are ingesting them too - in ingredients such as berries, nuts and dark green vegetables. We also want to eat plenty of omega-rich foods, such as avocado, salmon and walnuts as this will help to establish a healthy skin barrier to prevent from moisture loss.

Here are some top anti-ageing ingredients to include in your diet:

Watercress - rich in antioxidants, increases the circulation of minerals
Red bell pepper - rich in antioxidants, high content of vitamin C
Papaya - Improves skin elasticity, protects from free radicals
Blueberries - rich in vitamin A and C
Broccoli - increases the production of collagen
Spinach - full of vitamins and firms the skin
Nuts - a great source of vitamin E, repairs skin tissue, retains moisture
Avocado - helps us shed dead skin cells

11. Cutting back on alcohol and smoking

Alcohol inflames and dehydrates the skin, as well as leading to poor quality sleep. This will leave your skin feeling dry, tight and puffy. Reducing your consumption and ensuring you stay hydrated with water when drinking could help to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Cutting back or quitting smoking will also help. It damages your cells and therefore is a huge reason why your skin forms lines. When you stop smoking, your blood is able to deliver fresh oxygen around the skin cells to provide nutrients - improving your skin health and slowing the formation of wrinkles.

12. Visit a dermatologist

If you’ve tried all of these home remedies and still aren't seeing any results, it could be time to visit a dermatologist. They may be able to suggest a better routine to get the results you're looking for, or could offer treatments to help you improve the appearance of under eye wrinkles.

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