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How to spend Valentine's Day in lockdown

How to spend Valentine's Day in lockdown

Valentine’s Day has been around since Roman times and although it is going to look a little different this year, we can make the most out of celebrating from the safety of our own homes.

Now, usually we would have a reservation in a favourite restaurant, or be going on a cinema trip, but with things being slightly different this year, we expect takeaways and Netflix to be the most popular ideas.

Lot’s of people aren’t fortunate to be living with their partners at the moment... But, whether you are living with your partner, or are having to spend the day virtually, we have put together some of our Valentine’s day date ideas below that are lockdown friendly.

1: Dress Up, Stay Home

Now the very obvious idea is staying at home for a date day, now we know we have all been doing this anyway, however this could be a day where you turn your phones off (unless you need it to Facetime of course!), switch any distracting devices off and focus entirely on one another for the whole day.

Get dressed up, put a suit and tie on, a dress, or jeans a nice top and treat it as if you were going on a ‘proper’ date day.

Start pre heating the oven and invest in cooking a 3 course meal together, okay or maybe one of you take charge, however doing this together is often something that couples rarely get time to do together. We would usually always opt for a restaurant to cook for us, taking the easy route, but there’s something romantic about the idea of cooking together! Now, if you are virtually doing this, do it all the same, just cook for one and both have the same thing, simples. Unless one ends up burning it and the other doesn’t... You may end up eating alone, so much for romantic!

Whilst your dinners cooking you could plan your next getaway together. From city break to beach resort, planning a trip together always leaves room for positivity and excitement, especially in this current time, looking for small positives is extremely important and if this is planning the trips you can take once we are able to, then go for it!

Just simply spending the day together and doing things you love and talking properly can really get you and your partner some real quality time together, which may of us don’t make much time for when we are busy in our every day lives.

2: Play Some Games

We all know hat since last march, virtual quizzes have boomed! Now, let’s think outside the box.

A couples quiz is the right place to start... This puts your knowledge of each other and your relationship to the test, but remember it is only a little bit of fun! 

Plus this is one you can play in person and virtually.

3: It’s Takeaway Time

Okay, maybe you don’t want to spend the evening cooking, we TOTALLY understand, us either! Hello Deliveroo... Order your favourite takeaways and enjoy a meal together. Set the table with a candle, and put your takeaway on a plate, you’d never know the difference.

Ordering from local restaurants and takeaways really helps out your local businesses too, whilst giving you both a tasty valentine’s day treat, what a perfect excuse to go big and get dessert too!

4: Binge TV

Not caught up on Bridgerton yet? Now is your time!

Binge watching TV programmes or movies together is the perfect way to spend a cosy evening or day at home. Take it in turns to choose what to watch and it becomes a little more fun and varied.

Of course, if you are watching virtually, you can use Teleparty (previously Netflix party) and this will allow you both to watch the same thing in sync, from different homes... Could anything better exist?!

5: Quality Pamper Time Together

Relax, have a bubble bath and indulge in some self care together. Because who else has been loving looking after their skin during lockdown?

Our Spa at home set or our It’s All Good BARBER PRO set is perfect to treat yourself to. With sheet masks perfect for the spa night at home, these will leave your skin looking fresh, clean and deeply pampered.

Maybe you want to create a spa night in hamper for you and your partner, including a face mask, or a set is the perfect addition to snacks and cosy socks!

Most of all... Enjoy yourselves!

This year may be very different from your ‘typical’ Valentine’s day, however we all know the importance of spending quality time with loved ones now more than ever, so embrace it all.

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