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Alcohol and Your Skin - Our Top Tips 🥂

Alcohol and Your Skin - Our Top Tips 🥂

The festive period is the time where we maybe be getting a little jollier than usual, this often comes with an increase in alcohol consumption.

We don’t want to bring bad news but alcohol can affect your skin in many ways. But don’t worry, we are going to be telling you how to reduce the affects to your skin whilst celebrating Christmas.

Drinking can make you dehydrated and this is what the issue is with affecting skin. It removes all of the fluid from your skin. This can cause your skin to wrinkle and as a result, signs of ageing will occur earlier.

1) Pick your drink

Choosing your drink wisely is the first step. Different alcohol has different affects on the skin. Always go for clearer, ‘cleaner’ drinks. For example, Vodka. It is clear and will get our of your system quicker than a fruity, sugary, acidic cocktail.

2) Stay Hydrated

Drinking water alongside alcohol is not a myth, it will help to keep your body hydrated and keep your skin healthier afterwards.

3) Keep it to a minimum

Be wise about how many units you consume in a week. Drink every other day or less to give your body time to recover, including your skin too. As a young adult alcohol will leave your system in or around 3 hours, but if you are 40, the drink will take over a day to leave your body so therefore would still be in your system the following day.

Most importantly have fun! Being mindful is important, but having fun is too. Get merry, whilst maintaining beautiful skin with our tips. Enjoy. 


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