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Our Top Tips: Digital Detox

Our Top Tips: Digital Detox

This time of year often means we spend a lot of the time reflecting. When was the last time you had a break from your phone, social media and the screens?

Technology is something most of us could no longer live without and we have so many great uses for it, like keeping in touch with friends and family. But you can gain so much from turning all of it off, as much as having it on. This is what people now call a digital detox and it had proven to become very popular.

Now, you may want to make this a weekly goal or just a once a month, but ensuring you schedule some time to have a day off screen is very important for many reasons.

We all know what its like to see that dreaded screen time pop up on our phones and remind us of how we spend almost every minute of being awake glued to a device, and how we have now become a little ‘obsessed’ with picking up our phones. Unplugging and taking in things around you will often destress and mentally have a positive impact.

We often spend our time comparing ourselves and our lives to other that we follow online, when infact everything on instagram is a highlight reel. but often it is easy to get into the trap of wondering why you aren’t getting paid to go travelling or to promote a product. Spending less time on social media for a day a week or a day a month will allow you to step away from the highlight reels and focus on the positives in your life and often we can miss out on what is around us as we are so engrossed in our screens.

Let’s look at our top tips on how to digital detox..


1) Set up ‘App Limits’ on your phone settings. If you have an iPhone, you can set a time limit on your apps to the hours you spend on them via your settings, or set a specific time to when you need to step away from certain apps.

2) Set up ‘Downtime’ in your Iphone settings. This will remind you to step away from the screen completely between specific hours in the day. This is a great one if you are trying to reduce your screen time all together rather than focusing on a specific App.

3) Let friends and family know that you will be doing a digital detox day and when, this will allow for them to be able to contact you using a different method or they will not expect an instant response if they do contact you, using your phone.

4) Completely turn your phone off, or for safety reasons, if you need your phone on you and turned on, you may wish to turn all notifications off from your apps and messages. This will mean you will not be tempted just to click on a notification and open an app, as we know how easy it is to be tempted.

5) Airplane mode is a life saver or do not disturb. This means you can still use features on your phone like emergecy calling, but you will not be disturbed otherwise. You can pop out and listen to music still but can benefit from no sound notifications or calls coming through.

6) Enjoy it! Don’t see this time away from your devices as tough love or a negative thing. It really is a positive little thing you can do to free your mind every so often from the online world that we all so easily get pulled in to.


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